The Blood, Sweat, and Tears Training Shirts

Finally, there is a training top that encourages the wearer to sweat. Puma have created new water reactive training tops. They look plain when dry, but when you sweat in them (or cheat and get them wet,) the fabric reveals a pattern on the upper front panel. It's like magic. For your workout. And yes, they will be selling them to us mere mortals. They are the blood, sweat, and tears training shirts.

Potential for sweat

Let me be clear, I am not in the very least bit a fan of Puma's kits. They have gained popularity by sponsoring teams who have suddenly become successful, like Milan. Their innovation, design, and construction is costly and their designs very poor. They also do not seem to be able to afford fit models, because the cut of their products, especially their shorts, is incredibly poor. (My degree is in fashion design, so I know things about clothes.)

That said, I was excited when I read about this new training kit via Calcio e Finanza. Then I saw it on Footy Headlines. Very simple in basic appearance when dry, yet they continue to add design and construction elements in even their most basic designs that just add costs to the consumer but don't impact the visual interest of the garment. The water reactive concept is cool, it literally encourages you to work up a sweat. But again, innovation that is costly, and maybe not worth the cost.

It definitely does not look like a €50 shirt when dry

I was especially disappointed to see what they had chosen as the water reactive design. It is literally the word "Milano" in block letters all over the chevron shaped panel (the panel that has a gradual slope to a point at the bottom.) Like they could have made the Milan logo appear, the team name, a badass devil, a fierce lion... anything, really. And they chose the name of the city, where there are actually two clubs competing in Serie A. So lame.

They have developed similar shirts and also a training jacket for Borussia Dortmund, and at least they used their team name for their water reactive design. Our training kits will be available in allover red with the black water reactive print, or allover black with a white water reactive print. It is made of 100% polyester (sure to make you sweat, as it is a fabric that does not breathe,) and apparently has "side seam vents" to add some breathability.

The black version. 

Something else that is awful about Puma is their lack of products for women. Like Milan literally have a women's team, but female fans can only choose from the first kit and four lame t-shirts in the Milan Store Online. And zero products whatsoever for girls. There are actually more products available for infants, and they can't even dress themselves. But this shirt is definitely not for women. Men watching women wear wet shirts is not for sports or fitness, that is a totally different kind of entertainment. Nor is this the shirt for that type of event, the chevron panel is placed poorly for that.

Additionally, Puma's "vents" are always strategically placed exactly where women wear bras, which is not always a socially acceptable look for public exercise. I'm not saying that Puma are sexist in their designs, but they actually are incredibly sexist in their designs and products made available to female Milan players and fans. Needless to say, as a woman, I will absolutely not be buying this training kit.

Back in black.

Male fans will probably buy this training kit, as they buy anything that has the Milan logo on it, whether it is officially licensed or not. This really could have been one of the first great things they designed for Milan, but they failed on several levels yet again. Someday, perhaps Puma will make Milan kits and training gear that is designed for all people, but this is clearly not that day. At least we know that the players who will wear this kit are amazing. Milan players who give their actual blood, sweat and tears for us are more important than the training shirts they wear, anyway.

This post inspired by the music of Lush's "Ladykillers"

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