Poll: Why Do You Bleed Red and Black?

There is a question that every Milan fan has had to ask themselves at one point, maybe even many, many times over the past ten years or so. Why? Why, when we had more transfers than goals scored in a season? Why, when we burned Milan legend after legend on the coaches' bench? Why, when we went through three ownership changes in three and a half years? Was it a form of masochism or self-harm? I think that most of us at least at one point had to look in the mirror and be honest, or submit to a mental health evaluation. But why do YOU bleed red and black?

What makes you suffer for the red and black?

Over the years, I have written about this subject often, perhaps to validate my life choices, or maybe to try to prove my sanity. One of my early posts is from 2012 was from when I chronicled my tour of the San Siro in "Worshipping in the House of the Devil."  For those who have not been to the San Siro yet, that read will help you understand why you need to go as soon as we are able to once again.

To justify my obsession, I wrote "50 Shades of Red and Black," but beware, you may find yourself in that post more than you thought. During the year following the sale of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, I posed the question, "What Does the Red and Black Mean to You?," and I also penned "The Colors of My Heart." Amongst so many other posts about being a passionate Milan fan, I also wrote "Why We Bleed Red and Black," just about a year and a half ago, very shortly after Pioli was hired.

What keeps you going in good times and in bad?

Today, it's your turn to let us know why you bleed red and black. Take the poll, mark as many reasons as apply to you. If you choose "other," feel free to post on social media why you are a Milanista, using the hashtag #milanobsession. You can also @message me on Twitter or Instagram, and I will try to share as many as I can find.

Then stay tuned for an all new Milan Obsession Podcast that has been eight years and more than five different countries in the making. Forza Milan!

This post inspired by the music of Inno Milan

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