Milan 0, Inter 3: Love Hurts

We knew that losing this one would hurt like hell. People making a big deal about Milan losing matches with a more complete squad than we have had in some time, not thinking about how playing with a skeletal team and forcing the wins may have drained most of our mentality out of this side. Despite leaving their heart on the pitch, the team that didn't play in Europe capitalized on fresh legs and minds and took all three points, while Milan slid to four points behind them. Love hurts.

Love hurts.

Milan actually had more shots on target, but failed to capitalize on those chances thanks to  Handanovic's eight super saves in this match. He received an astonishing 9.31 rating from WhoScored, who named him Man of the Match. Everyone talks about Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez's goals, but when Milan made errors at the back, those achievements are really not as big of achievements.

The goals came from Lautaro Martinez in the fifth, another one in the 57th, and a Lukaku goal in the 66th. Those who criticize Romagnoli's form have forgotten what we talked about in the Midseason Player Review Podcast: Romagnoli has had five different center back pairings this season and has had to adjust to new teammates, as well. Yes, the defending was lacking, but the criticism is too harsh under the circumstances.

Despite our best efforts

Milan's best form was right after the half, where Handanovic had to make three saves in less than two minutes, with two headers from Ibrahimovic and a shot from Tonali. There was another point when Tonali got the ball in the box and was instantly swarmed by four Interisti. That is like my worst nightmare, I hope that he is okay. 

Derbies are the hardest to lose for bragging rights alone. This also cost us a negative four point gap on the table, going into the match against Roma, who could capitalize on our poor form right now. But this Derby hurts more. Lukaku got away with murder, or at least threatening it in the last match against Inter. Conte is just a pathetic excuse for humanity, I'm surprised he wasn't banned for this match as well. With Ibrahimovic also getting abused on Thursday as the Interista's side stole our point with some really questionable reffing, this week has just been too much of the bad guys getting all of the advantages. And I haven't even mentioned Puma's "clothing" the players were forced to wear.

We were never dressed to win a Derby

I'm not even going to try to go into more detail, because I'm sure "Milan fans" already have all of the "out" hashtags covered, so no one will read this anyway. As a parent, I've learned how painful it is to watch your child suffer. As a Milan fan, I've learned how painful it is to have your heart ripped out of your chest at 6am, have it put through a meat grinder, and then crammed down your throat. Love hurts.

This post inspired by the music of Joan Jett's "Love Hurts"

Our next match is
Europa League Round of 32
AC Milan vs. Red Star Belgrade
Thursday, February 25 • 21:00 (3pm CET)

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