Torino 2, Milan 1: Tired

Watching this game was interesting, there were large portions of the game where Milan actually played well. But to watch social media and even the media coverage, it was the end of the world. The loss of interest in the actual football, the reduction of 90 minutes of sport into 1-2 errors that people focus on, the blaming the ref for everything when the result doesn’t go our way… I’m just sick of it. Why even play the game when social media is only going to take a snapshot and abuse our own players for it? Why share experiences with fans, when they only look at the result and say “Milan are terrible”? What is the actual point of watching or reviewing a game when people only watch social media? It’s so old and tired.

You don't even deserve this pic

This is where I would review the match. I might talk about the formations, the lineups, the cards, the calls, the fouls, the attempts, the crosses, the goals… you know the actual things that happened which shaped all 90 minutes of the game? But this time, I’m not. You people can’t handle talking about an amazing penalty or praising an opposition player’s fantastic goal, even if it was at our expense. You are not sports fans, you are social media hype zombies. You wouldn’t know a great goal unless your friends on social media gif-ed it and sent it viral. You call yourself fans? Well I see your social media accounts, and I’m pulling your fan card.

I’m sick and tired of people calling themselves Milan “fans” and crucifying our own players because they missed a shot or even had a bad game. Or because they didn’t live up to someone’s uneducated and ridiculous expectations. I am tired of people who didn’t even watch the game criticizing our team or acting as if they even know what happened. You people are not sports fans, you’re social media fans. You wouldn’t know a decent performance if it hit you on the head. Even though you’d never see it coming, because you only watch social media.

So much love surrounded by so much hate from  you people

Well you people missed Milan’s best performance of the season. Not that the result shows it, and I am very certain you didn’t get that from social media. But for those of us who actually watched the game, we know. After being disappointed year after year, match after match, I understand completely how disappointing it is to watch the games only to drop three points again. I literally preview and review every single match, so I really do know what pain is. But go on, read social media and follow the hype-junkies and form your opinion on the opinions of fools. In contrast to those of us who actually watch all 90 minutes of every match, you’re missing out on the actual football. I’m tired of trying to show you what you are missing, you people are completely unreasonable and unable to even talk about football. Enjoy your social media delusions, I’m watching AC Milan, in good times and in bad.

This post inspired by the music of NIN “Hurt”

Our next match is
Serie A Week 6
Milan vs Fiorentina
Sunday, September 29 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)

Torino 2, Milan 1: Tired Torino 2, Milan 1: Tired Reviewed by Elaine on 9:16 AM Rating: 5
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