The Wisdom of Giampaolo

There was no way that anyone could ever live up to the expectations that everyone placed upon Giampaolo this summer upon being appointed for Milan. You name the famous person, they had wonderful things to say about him. He’s got great ideas, they said. His teams play great football, they said. But I don’t think anyone could have ever expected him to leave all of his new players on the bench or to say such mindboggling things that are so out of touch with reality. I guess it’s just the wisdom of Giampaolo.

I guess he figures if there are no old and new, then we'll stop complaining about not playing the new?

Where to begin… things were going pretty well preseason. There was a significant shift in style of play from the Gattuso era. Everyone was happy. Then came the Cesena match. A goalless draw in which Cesena looked more like the Serie A side, and Milan looked more like the newly promoted Serie C side. His starting 11 were all “old” players. But he did sub some “new” players on.

Next came the incomprehensible loss to Udinese. Not only did Giampaolo look like he was going to vomit or something at the beginning of the match, but once again, he started no new players. He played a 4-3-1-2, but afterwards hinted at switching back to a 4-3-3. This was completely alarming because our entire transfer market was based on the 4-3-1-2, and we had only played one competitive match. One. And this “ideas man” was already out of ideas?

Sometimes laughter is not a good sign

Next up was Brescia. He did start a “new” player in Bennacer, but only because Biglia was injured. And he benched Piatek and Paqueta, instead playing the outgoing Andre Silva and the fashion illiterate Samu Castillejo. After Piatek and Paqueta were brought on, the play improved so much. But no, Paqueta was "too Brazilian." And Giampaolo would start whomever he wanted up front. He was like a crotchety old man.

Although Bennacer was easily Man of the Match against Brescia, instead, on Sunday, Giampaolo started Biglia away to Verona. And again, he started no new players. Ahead of the match, he now infamously said in a press conference, “There are no new players and old players. There is only Milan.” So ungrateful. And so incredibly stupid. The whole point of the mercato is to improve your team. Why did Maldini and Boban work so hard to try to get good players for him? Just to sit on the bench? That is a direct insult to their footballing knowledge. And every other coach in the world plays their new players.

"Paqueta is too Brazilian for a midtable team" #FakeQuotes

Additionally, his “Paqueta is too Brazilian” comment has stuck with the young player, and after having been played out of position in yet another new position, then subbed off at the half, Paqueta went to Instagram to post “Proud to be Brazilian” on Sunday. So Maldini and Massara had to meet with the two of them and iron out their differences. In week 3. Who does that? And when asked about Castillejo, who wasn’t even the greatest at his natural right wing spot, he said, “I’m offended, he’s a great worker and I like him.”

Well, sir, we are offended. You have already pissed off players, forced management to try to explain the unexplainable, and lost all of the fans. You have been lucky to win two matches, your lineups suck so badly, and your tactics are barely existent. Please pretend not to be you for the Derby. None of us deserve to lose so badly because of your “wisdom”. And the “new” players deserve to start, while we’re at it. The “wisdom” of Giampaolo is going to cost you your job and Milan its season.

This post inspired by the music of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”

Our next match is
Serie A Week 4
il Derby della Madonnina
Saturday, September 21 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)

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