More Reasons to Hate Inter

As if anyone needed more reasons to hate Inter… they are a plague to society, and their fans have the IQ of a rock. Wait, I’m sorry, rocks, I didn’t mean to insult you. If it’s not wiretapping, matchfixing, and taking down a whole league, then it’s racism. So it shouldn’t really surprise that they are quickly developing a reputation for sexism, too. Just one more reason to hate Inter.

It's not just indoctrination, it's child abuse

I would say that the Derby being nine days away is why I have had so much to say about Inter lately, but this isn't about sport. No, the recent podcast about why I hate Inter was about raising awareness of what Inter did 13 years ago. And the post called “Racism, Hypocrisy, and Serie A” was inspired by recent events involving both the abuse of their player and their degenerate fans’ response to that abuse.

As a part of Inter’s pathetic attempts to combat the racism of their morally depraved fans, last year, they thought they were the most clever people in the world by developing a campaign to mask the abuse. English speakers would say that fans “boo” their players, but in Italy, they spell it “buu.” So they encouraged their fans to “write it, not say it,” and came up with the idea to say that "BUU" was “Brothers Universally United.”

Steven Zhang claims his club's fans are not racist... but he didn't deny they are morons

Let’s just gloss over the fact that they used English words with an Italian acronym, because Inter fans are too stupid to figure either one out, honestly. In their attempts to combat racism, they decided to mask the boos by claiming they meant something else. They do know that the general public are not as stupid as they are, right? So they know their fans are going to boo players based on race, and they think they will avoid punishment because they are going to claim it’s their stupid acronym instead? Well, they do have a paper Scudetto, and they got out of FFP without ever actually reaching their goals, so they probably think they are untouchable.

Sorry, sister. No room for women in this brotherhood

But here is the biggest irony of all: In their attempt to be inclusive of race, they used a gender-exclusive term. That’s right, forget racism, “brothers universally united” leaves more than 50% of the population out in the cold. It can’t possibly be intentionally sexist, because this is a team that is paying €15.5m in coaching salaries this year and through the year 2022, actually, if Spaletti doesn’t find a new job. That's just asinine. No, Inter are just sexist because they are too brainless and shameless to know any better.

They seem to be keeping up that ignorance, though. Yesterday they released a video of their third kit launch, and there was a segment with questions and answers with the players. The woman read a question: “Would you be happy if your daughters played football?” The answer was “Maybe they could practice synchronized swimming!”

Straight from the ass' mouth

In a year where the Women’s World Cup made huge leaps forward for women in football in  attendance and viewership, an answer like that was a trip straight back to the stone age. Sure, he added an “I’m joking,” but only after everyone laughed at the disgustingly sexist remark. And Inter left it in their video for all to see. No one answered the question seriously, apparently, either.

It’s not shocking, honestly. Inter is a disgrace to football, and their fans are the lowest common denominator. I’m sorry, math, I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that words cannot do Inter's overwhelming putrescence justice. Their embarrassing foray into the centuries old phenomenon that is sexism shouldn’t surprise anyone, whether it is intentional or just due to the vacuum that is where their brain cells should be. It’s just even more reasons to hate Inter.

This post inspired by David Bowie’s “China Girl”

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