Milan-Fiorentina Preview: 6 Underground

Milan have won two of their first five matches. By scoring three goals, only one from the run of play. Even the most ardent Giampaolo supporters have turned on him, while the club continues to support him because they must. But for how long? If he loses this match at home, will that see him go six underground?

More of these, please

Our former Diesel clothes mannequin, Montella, is riding the giant wave of success that saw Fiorentina win their first match in 18 competitive games midweek. But will their new American owner’s praise go to Montella’s head? You know, the Juve fan who bought Fiorentina and then chastised them about the Heysel banners? Because, you know, he clearly has his pulse on Serie A and the lowest common denominator fans. But after hanging on to Chiesa as promised, reinforcing with Ribery and only moderately handicapping the team with Kevin Prince Boateng (aka Prin$$,) Commisso is a hero for his team winning one match vs. Sampdoria.

For that match, which saw Sampdoria on ten men for 40 minutes (and score on Fiorentina while down, too,) Montella lined up: Dragowski; Milenkovic, Pezzella, Caceres; Lirola, Pulgar, Badelj, Castrovilli, Dalbert; Chiesa and Ribery. Montella apparently has a full squad to choose from, but I’m sure he’ll find something else to whine and make excuses about.

None of this, please

At Milan, there are higher standards for our coach, specifically related to winning. And playing football. So having won only two of our first five matches is completely unacceptable. Especially how we played. And how we lined up. And how many different formations we played. And starting players like Borini and Castillejo ahead of Leao or Rebic or any of the new players, for example.

Ironic, then, when Giampaolo finally stuck with the same formation two matches in a row, and started the new players like everyone wanted him to, we played our best football yet this season against Torino. But we lost. He really doesn’t have the luxury to keep doing that. And he praised Suso for how he played, but Suso created (and took) the least chances of any match thus far. We didn’t score any goals from the run of play yet again when the players played exactly like he wanted them to. Huh.

"Please send more Diesel clothes"

So this match could see him falling from grace if he doesn’t get some goals out of our players and three points on the table. He’ll have Paqueta back, but probably not play him, because he is just too Brazilian, apparently. And he will still be missing Caldara. And also Reina, who is suspended after screaming at the ref. But he’ll have everyone else and finally seems to be getting over his phobia of new players, so perhaps he’ll actually start some of them again.

In matches where there is desperation, it’s usually anyone’s game. But Fiorentina are coming off of a midweek win, whereas the criticism in the media and social media of the players and team is obviously impacting the players, no matter what they say. So we can only hope for some sort of luck or intervention from a divine being or superhero. Or else this might be the match that puts Giampaolo six underground.

This post inspired by the music of Sneaker Pimps “6 Underground”

Serie A Week 6
Milan vs. Fiorentina
Sunday, September 29 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
This match can be streamed on ESPN+ in the U.S.

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