Gattuso’s Legacy

Much has been spoken of Gattuso, good and bad, since taking over the first team at Milan. Most of the talk centers around his grinta and his tactics, or lack thereof. But today, I would like to propose an alternate theory as to his legacy at Milan: getting rid of Montolivo. While the purchase of Biglia largely pushed Milan’s most universally hated player to the bench, Gattuso is doing everything in his power to rid us of him forever.

"Just get out. Now."

I was not someone who was thrilled when Montolivo came to Milan, and was completely outraged when he usurped the armband from its rightful owners. And it all went downhill from there. I don’t usually criticize our own players so harshly, but Montolivo’s contract renewal in 2016 drove me to write “Why I Hate Montolivo.”

I braced myself when Gattuso came, fearing the Montolivo would not only keep his starting spot, but also the armband. However with the purchase of Biglia, he easily lost the starting spot, and with the purchase of Bonucci, he lost the armband. Whatever you think about Bonucci’s tour of Milan, it is important to remember that him taking the armband from Montolivo, and especially with such delicious irony, was the most important thing he gave us.

A highlight of last season when Locatelli was subbed on instead of Montolivo and handed him his bib

Montolivo apparently also lost his access to the owners, as Yonghong Li was not even in the same country most of the time, thus Montolivo couldn’t run and tattle-tale on other players, or more specifically, Gattuso. Also, I don’t think even Yonghong Li appreciated a tattle-tale as much as Berlusconi did. Which is good, because if history repeated itself, Gattuso could have easily lost his job for not starting Montolivo.

Things took a turn for the best when, this summer, like the day before leaving for the United States, Gattuso had Montolivo told that he would not be travelling with the team. Oh, and that he needed to find a new club, he was no longer wanted here. And he actually had someone else tell him, too. So delicious.

Montolivo trying to figure out how to get Yonghong Li's phone number

Montolivo didn’t take that well at all. He was fine leaving his pregnant wife all alone to travel halfway around the world for two weeks, but then he decided he would not leave the club because of her pregnancy. So Gattuso countered by placing him on the injured list, although I never saw any reports of an actual injury. New reports surfaced yesterday that he has again been frozen out by Gattuso, and speculation even that he could join Berlusconi & Galliani at their new Serie C club, Monza. Brilliant.

Previous coaches tried to freeze him out before, but were unsuccessful.

While the inept midfielder, whose contract runs out at the end of the season, may let that contract run out, it is comforting to know that there is someone out there who has our backs. Gattuso, whether it be for Montolivo’s incessant whining, unwillingness to train hard, inability to play well with others, or whatever, Gattuso has finally set his foot down and said enough is enough. If that is all he accomplishes at Milan, it will still make him go down in history. Curing Milan of Montolivo’s cancer will be Gattuso’s legacy.

This post inspired by the music of the Foo Fighters’ “My Hero”

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