AC Milan 3, Olympiacos FC 1: The Comeback Kids

Milan have been so inconsistent this season, but the one thing they have been consistent on is conceding goals. But their second half meltdowns were becoming all too familiar, too. So what a refreshing surprise that after conceding a goal in the first half, they managed to step it up in the second half and win in style. And to add to the feel-good win, the goals were scored by our returning-from-injury strikers.

Scoring a brace on return from injury is an ideal comeback

In the sixth minute, Bonaventura did all he could to score a goal. He was onside, his strike was perfect, the ball was heading into the net. And then Castillejo, who was not onside, impulsively tried to tap it in and it was called off. Had he not touched it, Milan would have been winning. This kind of “teamwork” did not bode well at all, and Bonaventura could have really used the boost of that goal because he’s not been playing at his best lately.

Things went from bad to worse when Biglia fouled Guerrero in the 13th minute, only for Guerrero to retaliate in the form of a goal a minute later. 1-0 Olympiacos. (I am not going to mention that Zapata was marking him or that he proved why he’s been rotting on the bench repeatedly throughout the game, because I still want to cling to last year’s Zapata, who was solid whenever called upon.)

Turning the game around

There were some good chances, and Olympiacos had a couple, too, but Milan settled into their wasteful shot ways, and fear settled into the hearts of Milan fans everywhere. But then, in the 54th, Gattuso subbed early and subbed well. He brought on Cutrone and Calhanoglu for Castilejo and Bonaventura. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also switched tactics. Mid-match. It was like he listened to the last podcast or something. Certainly, it was a tactical miracle for us fans.

So in the 70th, Cutrone scored a brilliant goal to equalize from a great cross from Rodriguez. 1-1. Higuain, not to be outdone, got a great cross from Calhanoglu and scored in the 76th to make it 2-1 Milan. And as if going for a walk in the park, Cutrone flicked the ball into the back of the net from a great assist from Calhanoglu, who had the vision to see Olympiacos’ defensive vacuum. 3-1 Milan. I believe Gattuso is campaigning to change the “mercy rule” to the “Borini rule.” In the 80 th, after we scored three goals in nine minutes, he pulled the amazing Suso off and replaced him with Borini, effectively bringing Milan to ten men.

"Maybe those guys on that podcast had a good idea"

At the half, it was difficult to believe Milan would be able to do more than even draw, if we were lucky. But Gattuso managed to do what he hadn’t achieved before, which is sub early, sub well, and change tactics successfully mid-match. And by doing that, the players responded, and we got the result. Even more exciting to have our strikers back from injury. For a dreaded midweek match, this ended so much better than we could have hoped. It went from the continuing saga of Milan disappointment to the feel-good story of the comeback kids.

This post inspired by the music of Cigarettes After Sex

Our next match is
Serie A Week 7
Milan vs. Chievo
Sunday, October 7 • 18:00 CEST (9am EDT)

AC Milan 3, Olympiacos FC 1: The Comeback Kids AC Milan 3, Olympiacos FC 1: The Comeback Kids Reviewed by Elaine on 8:25 AM Rating: 5
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