Inter vs. Milan: Black and Blue Plague

This is not a family affair for me. I hate Inter. Like the plague. And their thug-filled, whiny, degenerate squad aren’t helping matters. Not to mention their bandwagoning, illiterate, worthless fans. They are a plague on Milano, and they need to be taught a lesson. Only I’m not sure Milan are the team to do that right now. I hope they do, though. Because someone needs to rid that beautiful city of those filthy snakes and put an end to the black and blue plague.

Needs to be eradicated

When people say that Milan and Inter are cousins, I cross myself. And I’m not even Catholic. And I don’t cross myself for me, it’s for the mentally deficient soul who would dare even say that our teams share anything more than a stadium. First of all, they left us. Like a two-bit hooker that’s been paid a dollar, they walked away ungrateful and stupid. And it only went downhill from there. But when they orchestrated Calciopoli, they severed all ties not only with Milan, but also with human decency. Those morally depraved grass snakes only ever achieved anything when they took down a whole league through wiretapping, conspiracy, and cheating. And that was low, even for Silvio Berlusconi. And he is the scum of the earth.

Before the international break, Inter destroyed dominated barely survived a meeting with SPAL. The 2-1 win is misleading, as Antenucci missed his penalty and there were other opportunities for SPAL to steal points. But Inter are certainly familiar with stealing. Anyway, for that matchup, Spaletti lined up Handanovic; Vrsajlko, Skriniar, Miranda, Asamoah; Vecino, Valero; Keita Balde, Nainggolan, Perisic; and the wife-stealer. Vecino was injured while on national team duty and will likely miss, while Gagliardini is doubtful and Versaljlko is also in question. Brozovic is back training with the group, so should be available for those miserable little worms.


Gattuso, who could eat the entire Inter squad for breakfast and spit them out for fun, is still missing Caldara, as well as Strinic due to long-term injury. Conti is doing some light training, but is still not cleared for games. However, Romagnoli and Cutrone have both fully recovered and will be available for him on Sunday. Let’s hope that the team’s mentality is no longer injured, because a fully-match fit Milan could destroy this bunch of lightweight cheaters in a heartbeat. However, I fear that coming back from the break, they may have forgotten what it is to bleed red and black.

Derbies are always intense, but this one especially. For example, on the one side you have the team whose fans have mocked our management and money issues, yet Suning has dumped more than €500,000 into that cesspool in the past two years. On the other hand, there is the club that has been screwed over by owners for almost ten years, but now have put people into place who are honest and hardworking, and eager to become FFP compliant instead of pouring more money down the drain.

Back and ready for action

On the pitch, you have a team of thugs who started clicking in time to defeat the mighty SPAL, and whose season to date has been pretty easy. Milan, on the other hand, have already played Roma and Napoli and still have a game in hand, only four points behind those paper Scudetto-wielding weasels. While I always want justice, in the form of complete annihilation of those damned Biscione, I may have to wait for a while. Still, I will be seething and cursing those moronic Nerazzurri on Sunday and hoping for a little miracle. Because someone needs to cure the black and blue plague.

This post inspired by the music of Veruca Salt’s “Seether”

Serie A Week 9
Il Derby della Madonnina
Inter vs. Milan
Sunday, October 21 • 20:30 CEST (2:30pm EDT)

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