Podcast: Concede and Repeat

Milan have three wins in a row, and I couldn’t be more frightened. Why? Because we cannot keep a clean sheet to save our lives. It’s like having an amazing dinner, but knowing you’re going to get mugged on the way home. Not being able to keep 90 minutes of mentality is already making our results shaky, but stand to pull the rug out from beneath us in the long run. And it’s not just one game, it’s happening over and over again.

"What the hell, Cristian?!"

An early game and podcast needed exceptional wisdom, so of course we asked Pete to join us. To find more of his wisdom, follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva. After the Chievo game, we chatted about:

• News of the Week: Debt free, Ancelotti trolls, Golden Boy, whatever with loyalty, the comeback kid, Milan Foundation, Italy callups

• Match Reviews: review of recent matches

• Clean Sheet Crisis: why we concede

• Coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to Pete for Cutrone. Follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva for more brilliant gifts and wisdom.

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