Podcast: Changes

The opening of the transfer market means probable changes in the squad. But this season, those are not the only changes that lie ahead. With the change in formation that has been decreed from Berlusconi himself, there will undoubtedly be a few changes in lineups and hopefully the style of football Milan will play, too.

At the center of the changes...

My guest again this week is Pete Acquaviva, the mastermind behind Massimiliano Allegri’s favorite blog, DAI DAI DAI. This episode features:

• In the News: bullet dodged, conviction made, and facepalm assessments

• Confederations Cup Review: we discuss the injuries to Milan players, their performances, Prandelli’s tactics, and more

• Changing Formations: we discuss the subtleties and personnel changes of the 4-3-1-2 vs. the 4-3-3

Transfer Talk: who may exit, who may stay, and who might come into the squad this summer 

Thanks so much to Pete for a fantastic podcast and we wish him a continued and speedy recovery from his injury! Follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva and check out his DAI DAI DAI blog at pdacquaviva.com

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