Milan Fashion Week, Milanello Edition

So much to talk about after the big press conference yesterday marking the return to Milanello. Then there’s the transfer market, about which speculation always seems to be in vogue. But you can get those stories anywhere, and our fabulous commenters cover them very well, too. So today, in yet another Milan Obsession Exclusive, I give you Milan Fashion Week, Milanello Edition.

Whatever this is supposed to be, it is more runway and less football than anything ever. (And I thought money was tight?)

Typically, the vain, mindless, soulless snobs of the realm of fashion only descend upon Milan in the Spring and Fall. But yesterday, our players returned to Milanello for training and made such a scene, I just couldn’t resist reviewing them. So be prepared as I shamelessly dish, and be grateful that I can’t see what you’re wearing.

That might be the most normal I have ever seen Boateng. Somebody wants to staaayy...

Ummm...  no. Sorry, Constant, I'll stand up for you on the pitch, but this look just isn't working for you.

So Mexes, did you call Constant to coordinate t-shirts? The matchy-matchy hat and shoes are so NOT.

Muntari with the sad schoolboy look... sorry, Sulley, but we've all seen you tackle, I'm not buying it.

Poli arriving in classic, understated style... I don't love it, but it says lots about his character... you can stay.

Urby is just perfect no matter what he's wearing. We missed you!

The wife: the perfect accessory. What any heterosexual woman wouldn't give to be in Federica's sandals right now.... yum!

The reason Salamon doesn't want to go to Samp... he and Amelia are a couple (I may have made that part up)

All four one and... okay, I admit that caption is an epic fail.

Allegri back to troll another year

And the best pic of them all... they're really back, on the pitch. All is right with the world. Welcome back, boys!
Pictures via @acmilan, @Milanello, and @UmbertoGandini

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