Feelin' Good

As stressful as these last few games are, there is an overall positive feeling at the club and amongst the fans. Despite everything that has happened this season, Milan have overachieved, have exceeded all expectations, and are competing for something that no one expected them to be able to compete for at the beginning of the season. They have overcome all odds and achieved Champions League qualification and then some. Watching them celebrate each victory together, Milan are feelin' good. 


With Milan's young squad and the fifth highest wage bill, most people predicted that we would not even make the top four at the beginning of the season. Then the unthinkable happened. Milan averaged almost eight players out per game for more than half of the season. This includes missing our starting center back and leader, Simon Kjaer, since December 1st, more than half of the season. We had players with eight different surgeries. Ibrahimović missed nearly as many matches as he was available for. An unbelievable amount of injuries, and yet Milan are still in first place.

A Viking size hole in our season.

Milan have had more genuine referee errors this season that resulted in referee suspensions or empty AIA apologies than any other team. Just on Sunday, they were denied yet another penalty when Leão was taken down by Ikoné in the box. Milan have not been awarded a single penalty in three months, while other teams are awarded penalties just for overacting. The same kind of teams who have not been awarded a single red card during a match all season long. Yet it is Milan who are still in first place. 

Current mood.

Whatever happens come May 22nd, Milan have uplifted, inspired, and absolutely rocked this season. Despite making virtually no changes in the January mercato and confirmed rumors of a sale of the club pending almost any day now, it has been one of the best seasons to be a Milan fan in over ten years. Milan fans are feelin' good.

This post inspired by the music of Muse's "Feelin' Good"

Our next match is
Serie A Week 36
Verona vs. Milan
Sunday, May 8 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)

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