Painting Milano Red and Black

After waiting 11 years and suffering so much because of poor ownership decisions, the Milan fanbase was ready to celebrate this amazing young team's incredible Scudetto win. On Monday, the players, management, and sponsors boarded a couple of open top busses and spent over four hours wading through over a million spectators between Casa Milan and Piazza del Duomo for a massive Rossoneri party. The players got to see just how much they meant to the fans who were there as they painted Milano red and black.

We are the Champions

The party actually started with Ibrahimović's passionate speech postmatch on Sunday, in which he charged the team to "Celebrate like champions." 

They did not need to be asked twice. First, they brought the trophy back to Casa Milan that night to greet the waiting fans. Pioli led the crowd in singing a chant, not unlike a beloved predecessor. The more experienced players like Giroud, for whom this was his 12th trophy in 10 years, helped the younger players understand what celebrating like champions meant. 

Somewhere in all of the celebrations, Pioli found time to get a new tattoo

On Monday, they celebrated with the parade. barring an inappropriate banner along the way that was basically a copycat of Ambrosini's 2007 banner, when Milan also one-upped Inter by winning the Champions League, the celebrations were very much worthy of champions.

Of course, between Milan chants and rounds of Queen's "We Are the Champions," we heard the players and fans alike with numerous renditions of "Pioli's on Fire," which Pioli never shied away from celebrating.

This team did something magical and amazing this season. With such a young squad, they returned the club to its heritage, giving us our 19th league title. For that, we gladly let them paint Milano red and black.

This post inspired by the music of Queen's "We Are the Champions"

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