Whatever Happens...

The Scudetto is back in Milan's hands after Inter let their game in hand slip through their backup goalkeeper's feet on Wednesday. Ironic that after a season in which injuries and errors were so costly for Milan, one injury and one error put Inter back in second place. But the season is far from over. There are four matches to be played for both teams (plus a Coppa Italia Final for Inter), four sets of referees who could do anything at all, so we know that anything is possible between now and May 22nd. We need to be prepared for whatever happens.

"Everything for you"... whatever happens

Having the game in hand vs. Bologna finally decided after Inter appealed to try to win the three points in the courts until they were black and blue in the face, Milan fans are very optimistic. I am not sure why, because we have seen how referee errors in just four games cost us enough points that we would actually be eleven points clear of Inter right now, had they been reffed correctly. We currently sit only two points clear, with a better head to head record, which really only gives us room for one slight error by us or a referee.

How many more Serra's will the league be willing to assign, knowing they are being watched so closely?

This question was made more clear by recent events, such as the FIGC President, Gabriele Gravina, cozied up next to Inter's CEO of Sport Beppe Marotta at the Inter-Roma match last weekend, sitting with all of Inter's upper management. (Marotta formerly worked at Juventus during the "Gol di Muntari" era and Gravina is also infamous for his part in a matchfixing episode while director of Castel di Sangro while they were in Serie B.) 

Beyond suspicious (photo courtesy of @NonEvoluto on Twitter)

Or how Beppe Marotta was hanging out with Serie A Referee Designator Gianluca Rocchi this week in Lissone making a speech in the VAR course for the "manager responsible for the referee" (a course which should have had representatives from all clubs, but not all clubs reportedly had representatives who were asked to make speeches.) These situations are beyond suspicious, especially when combined with the fact that Inter have not had a single red card all season long as well as having so many favorable ref calls. Even more suspicious when Milan have had multiple referees suspended and empty apologies from the AIA after losing so many points to refereeing errors. It is enough to make even the neutral fans wonder what is happening this season in Serie A.

Respect. Screams the man who was banned and fined 10 weeks ago.

Even worse was Simone Inzaghi, who received a one match ban and €15,000 fine for making "gravely disrespectful" comments to the referee, Guida, in the tunnel after our Derby win in February. Now, after Pioli was literally asked about the referees in his interviews surrounding our Coppa Italia Derby loss, Inzaghi pretends to take the high road, telling the press that the referees must be respected. Ten weeks after being banned and fined for screaming at the ref, having been sent off and publicly insulting refs his entire career, suddenly now, he decides to say that ref calls even out over a season? Ironically, on Wednesday, ref calls didn't, but Karma began to even the score.

A little girl at the Pediatric hospital Pioli visited on Wednesday shows him how many points Milan lead by.

Then there are the Inter fans. I have literally only met one Inter fan in my life with a reasonable IQ, and he admittedly is not as passionate about that club as he is Serie A in general these days. The others lack all class or intelligence. After the Coppa Italia win, they mocked Milan fans by singing "Pioli's on Fire" and other Milan chants, which is low even for them. While Milan were stunned by yet another bizarre referee decision gone against them, they could not even just celebrate the win, let alone remember their own chants. That is to say nothing of the cockroaches who crawl about online claiming to be Inter fans, whose insults are void of all human decency, if they even make sense at all.

These guys have already won.

I can only hope that Milan fans at least show some dignity. If we win, we can just celebrate, without going out of our way to insult or troll Inter fans like they have done to us. If we lose, we can try to maintain some dignity, even if it is hard considering everything that has been stolen from us this season. But on the flip side of that, Milan have already achieved our season objective of qualifying for the Champions League. We have already overachieved expectations. Should Inter take second, they will have failed to have met their objective, and should they win, they will do so with regrets. In that sense, Milan have already won, whatever happens...

This post inspired by the music of The Cure's "To Wish Impossible Things"

Our next match is
Serie A Week 35
Milan vs. Fiorentina
Sunday, May 1 • 15:00 CEST (9am EDT)

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