Genoa 0, Milan 2: Secret Weapon

Genoa could have won this game. In fact, in the first half, I don’t think anyone would have been surprised if they would have won. But that was because our secret weapon was playing under the radar. When we released the full Borini, Genoa lost all sense of reason, and thus all hope of winning. Fabio Borini was our secret weapon.

All hail Borini

So cunning is Borini that he started off his usual, clumsy, wild-shooting self, even earning himself a yellow card in the eighth minute. But Zapata started off worse, he seemed to be working toward an own goal or a red card early on. So much so, that he injured himself in the twelfth minute. That made room for a very early sub, with Riccio sending Conti on and moving Abate to center back in the 14th minute, and suddenly, our defense was sure again.

The first half was largely dominated by Genoa, with Gigio having to step up big over and over, including a point blank save on Bessa in the 27th, or saving us from a Bakayoko own goal in the 32nd. Bakayoko was still at times our best defender, and our best shot came from Paqueta, whose 45th minute shot hit the post.


Lull Genoa to sleep, that was clearly Borini’s master plan all along. Not even forcing a Radu save in the 55th nor the shot that just went wide in the 62nd woke up his sleeping opponents, though. I’m sure they assumed, as many of us fans did, that this was a vintage Borini performance: all bark and no bite. But they were so wrong. And so they left him unmarked, and when Conti sent in that perfect cross in the 72nd, Borini simply had to tap it in to make it 1-0 Milan.

Following Borini’s sly goal, Suso, though still bothered by his injury, also stepped up. And so in the 83rd, with a great assist from Cutrone, he beat two Genoa defenders and slotted one past Radu also, 2-0. And of course, he didn’t celebrate against his old team, either. Because Suso is all class. And he’s clearly learned from Borini, too.

Suso refuses to celebrate against his former club

Speaking of learning from Borini, Gigio had an incredible game, with seven saves, most of them massive. If anyone had any doubts about him, they need only watch today’s performance, it was perfect. Maybe he was also just waiting for Borini, but he was immense and denied Genoa’s every chance.

Proving he had closer to 90 minutes in him after all (and a great 90 minutes, too!)

With Gattuso and our doctor, Brozzi, banned, as well as Kessie, Romagnoli, and Calabria, this game was a disaster in the making. And it seemed that way in the first half. But that was because we hadn’t released our secret weapon. So taking all three points, the clean sheet, and taking back fourth place was that much sweeter. It always will be when Fabio Borini is your secret weapon.

This post inspired by the music of King Missile

Our next match is
Serie A Week 21
Milan vs. Napoli
Saturday, January 26 • 20:30 CET (2:30pm EST)

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