Podcast: Midseason Reckoning

No one is more harsh on a team or its players than the team’s own fans, and that is why we do midseason player ratings. Fans got a little relief after a much needed win against the mighty SPAL, having survived the wreckage of a tedious December tailspin. Luckily, the players were rated for their entire season’s performances.

Okay, they might not be as excited about our reviews

For some fresh perspective this midseason, we turned to a new guest, Walid. Follow him on Twitter @Silm_213 . We chatted about:

• News of the Week: Fassone irony, captain fine, heartless move, more appealing, year in a number, transfer win, return of Strinic

• Match Reviews: reviews of recent matches

• Midseason Ratings: discussing and rating the players

• Coming up: upcoming matches and moral issues

Thanks again to Walid for sharing his passion and opinions about Milan. Please give him a follow on Twitter for more wisdom @Silm_213

Our next match is
Coppa Italia Round of 16
Sampdoria vs. Milan
Saturday, January 12 • 18:00 CET (12noon EST)

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