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Podcast: Much Ado About Gattuso

Milan are back in fourth place, and despite a heartbreaking Supercoppa loss, seem bound and determined to fight for fourth, against all odds. This week, we looked more in depth at Gattuso and what kind of future he might have at the club.

Is he the coach for Milan right now?

In an all-American podcast, we had two passionate Milan guests from Argentina, Francesco and Federico. You can find Francesco on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8 and Federico at @fefinho83. You can also get in on the ground floor of the Milan Club Buenos Aires by following @MilanClubBAires on Twitter. We chatted about:

• News of the Week: Bidone d’Oro, management troubles, new language accounts, UEFA meeting, racism in Serie A

• Match Reviews: reviews of recent matches

• Gattuso’s Midseason Rating: discussing and rating the coach

• Coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to Francesco and Federico for weighing in on Milan for us. Follow Francesco on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8 and Federico @fefinho83. Also follow the Milan Club Buenos Aires on Twitter @MilanClubBAires to show your support.

Our next match is
Serie A Week 21
Milan vs. Napoli
Saturday, January 26 • 20:30 CET (2:30pm EST)