Frosinone 0, Milan 0: Stale

This game had everything Milan fans are fast becoming accustomed to: plenty of possession, plenty of shots without any accuracy or power, and absolutely zero goals. Well there was the one Frosinone goal called off, but other than that, this game was everything the last three games have been: stale.

I do believe I specifically requested no more pics like this, people

The most frustrating thing about all of these stalemates is that Gattuso doesn’t seem to have any idea what is causing them, let alone any answers. While I gave him a few ideas in my conversation with Santa, he clearly did not read nor heed them. And when it gets to be this bad, a coaching change is one of the few options the club has, sadly. Although I’m not sure if that will help.

Another option is to get a player like Bonaventura or Suso fired up, break the goalscoring void, and bring the team back online and back to winning ways. Only Bonaventura is out for the season, and Suso is out injured and may even miss the Supercoppa. So not any hope there.

Bakayoko did well enough, but one player isn't enough

Back to this game, though, Frosinone scored a goal in the 37th that was ruled off with a VAR review, and Gigio getting a yellow card for dissent. That was the extent of the highlights. Frosinione only had 36% possession, taking 13 shots with six on target. Milan obviously dominated possession, and took a whopping 25 shots, but also had only six on target.

We’ve had this problem in years past, but not with players like Higuain and Cutrone on the pitch. I understand how the players might want to take it upon themselves to appeal for some midfield reinforcements in January, but not to this level and risking Champions League qualification. Aside from that possibility, it really comes down to the things that Gattuso is responsible for, only he is not really taking that much responsibility for them.

Does he know what he's doing? Can he right this ship?

Does anyone want to watch Milan play like this against SPAL on Saturday? I know I don’t. Change is desperately wanted, change is needed, but change seems to be a pipe dream for Milan fans these days. We can watch on Saturday, because masochism and Milan both start with “M” I guess. But I hope there are no big expectations, because without any change, this game, too, will be stale.

This post inspired by the music of Fishbone’s “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Our next match is
Serie A Week 19
Milan vs. SPAL
Saturday, December 29 • 20:30 CET (2:30pm CET)

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