Milan 0, Fiorentina 1: Nothin’ For Christmas

Gattuso must have been a very bad boy this year. In a game where Milan had more possession, more shots, and overall looked more threatening for much of the match, the win should have been gift wrapped by Santa himself. Instead, a single moment of brilliance from Chiesa cost us all three points, and Gattuso had no answers. Not on the pitch or in his press conference. So now Milan are getting nothin’ for Christmas.

One shot on target.

Calhanoglu was hell bent on getting a goal today. But he didn't. Most of our six shots on target were his, and either Lafont or a brilliant goal line clearance saved them. Fiorentina played hard and kinda dirty to make up for being outplayed at the San Siro. In fact, they tallied four yellow cards. They would have had a red, too, if Mariani didn’t have some misplaced Christmas spirit. Vitor Hugo, having already received a yellow for fouling Calabria in the first half just completely took out the young fullback "midfielder" with at the least what could be considered dangerous play in the 78th. No card, though. Romagnoli was booked for dissent when defending Calabria, though.

The goal came in the 73rd, when Chiesa took a brilliant shot from distance and just tucked it into the far side of the net, out of the reach of Gigio. 1-0 Fiorentina. It was their only shot on goal, they got so lucky. Well, and let’s face it, some great talent. But I’m not sure I can believe Chiesa anymore when he says he likes Milan.

Vitor Hugo should have seen an early shower, instead his team won

Gattuso faced a crisis in the loss of Bakayoko and Kessie for this match, and he didn’t fare well in that crisis. Starting with a 4-3-3 and a midfield of Calabria, Mauri, and Calhanoglu, I don’t know what he expected. And when he brought Cutrone on for Mauri and Laxalt on for Castillejo in the 67th and 68th minutes respectively, he switched to a 4-4-2. But it was like trying to drive a car without a motor, and it’s no wonder the goal came five minutes later.

With only two more days until Christmas, it’s probably safe to say that Gattuso will get his Panettone (a coach in Italy who is sacked before Christmas is said to have not gotten his Panettone.) However there are a lot more questions lately about whether or not he should. It’s difficult, because he has done such a masterful job at freezing out Montolivo this entire season that Montolivo’s agent insists there’s no way his client can be the 27th worst player at Milan (to be fair, I think Gattuso and some of the staff push him down to like 50th or something.) Ahead of the match, he even asked if Milan thought Montolivo has a contagious disease. Which, once again, he really does. It’s a disease characterized by slow play, losing the ball, conceding goals, marauding as captain, getting coaches fired, and more. And with him sequestered safely on the bench, that disease is starting to be contained. So well done with that part, Rino. Keep him on the bench.

Not exactly exuding confidence

It has become quite clear lately that Gattuso is completely lost with the tactics and subbing. Even more clear when he admits in a press conference that they have to find and solve the problem. (A mirror would go a long way to help with that.) But at least this match, most of the players played better. Without our midfield rock, Kessie, and his increasingly trusted sidekick Bakayoko, it’s not a surprise we coughed up three points. But it still hurts, because now we’re getting nothing for Christmas.

This post inspired by the music of Madonna’s “Santa Baby”

Our next match is
Serie A Week 18
Frosinone vs. Milan
Wednesday, December 26 • 12:30pm CET (6:30am EST)

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