Poll: Management Midseason

It’s hard to remember that Yonghong Li has not even owned the club for one whole year. We bought 12 new players and are already on our second coach. Results are not what anyone wanted or expected, but there are also a lot of changes for the good. There is transparency, great communication with the fans via the official social media, press conferences, and even weekly injury updates. We were warned well in advance that we wouldn’t do much if anything in this mercato, and so far, they are sticking to that. When Yonghong Li makes public statements, they are about the club and his desire to bring Milan back to greatness, not about himself like a certain former owner. And although his personal life and finances are shrouded in mystery, he has yet to be accused of having sex with a minor or any of the other myriad charges Silvio incurred during his time at Milan’s owner. Fassone and Mirabelli have been largely professional in all of their dealings, and haven’t done too poorly for newbies. With the knowledge that this project was never going to happen overnight and that buying so many players all at once is unprecedented, it’s hard for me to fault them for trying. But what do you think of Milan’s management midseason?

How do you rate the Three Musketeers plus the mysterious Yonghong Li?

Please rate how you feel about Milan’s management at this point by choosing the statement that best describes your thoughts. Feel free to make further comments below in the comment section.

This post inspired by the music of The Pretenders’ “Middle of the Road”


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