Get Out!

The fans of most teams look at the transfer market as a time to purchase new players and improve their teams. But Milan have long carried too many players, and unfortunately, this new era is starting off with the same traditions. This month, we’re told, the goal is to “consolidate” our team… Mirabelli’s politically correct term for “selling surplus players.” Only he seems sadly unfamiliar with how difficult that is at a club like Milan. If he tries to sell a player for Milan’s valuation, no one wants to pay that inflated amount. Or if there are players like Paletta and José Mauri, who are virtually frozen out of the team, they still refuse to leave the club where they are treated like kings, despite playing like peasants. Which leaves Milan fans frustrated once again, and the kindest thing they have to say is “Get out!”

Adios, even if we still took a loss on the deal

The haggling with Boca Juniors for Gustavo Gomez appears to be reaching an anticlimactic loan with option to buy scenario. By the time his loan is up, Boca won’t even need to pay the obligatory purchase price, because Gomez will be retired by then. But at least that’s one less player the Milanello cook staff has to cook for. Even if we’ll still lose money on the deal.

Paletta and José Mauri are the smart ones. They marked their territory two and a half years ago by planning an Argentine barbecue as a team building exercise at Milanello, and since then have only accepted brief loan spells away from here, always coming back for more. When offered the chance to actually be sold and get actual playing time, they refuse. So we get stuck with them once again, paying their generous wages and allowing them to train with players far more skilled than them in a “family” environment.

If only he was as good as he is stubborn

To be fair, both were part of that Parma club that went bankrupt and were relegated. So they went for some time without having wages paid there. Just for that alone, Milan has got to be a dream come true. Even with all of the questions surrounding Yonghong Li, the Elliott fund, and rumors of moneylaundering, these guys have seen so much worse. So with the excellent cuisine served at Milanello, having their wages paid, and the camaraderie that most ex-players describe as “like a family,” it’s no surprise they are squeezing every last day of their contract dry and clinging to their jerseys with a death grip.

He couldn't even take the hint with five red cards

Besides, Paletta set the record last season for the most red cards. He’s probably hoping to get a second chance at that record, maybe counting on more injuries or suspensions from our legions of defenders to get another shot at the pitch. But refusing to leave is not going to make either of them popular with the fans. Even if hell freezes over and either of them get another callup, the fans will be screaming “Get out!”

This post inspired by the music of The Cranberries’ “Linger”

Our next match is
Serie A Week 21
Cagliari vs. Milan
Sunday, January 21 • 18:00 CET (12noon EST)


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