Podcast: Mysteries and Musings

We watch them play on the pitch each week, we support the club they own, but who are these people, really? Are there things we should know about them that we don’t? These were some of the questions we tried to find answers to, along with some of the more tangible things to discuss at Milan these days.

How much do we really know about him?

How fitting that for this 100th podcast, I should go back to the beginning. I invited Milan Obsession co-founder and original podcast guest Jovan to join me for this discussion:

• News of the Week:  King George, centennial matches, music video, fitness trainer
• Season Update: Serie A update
• Injuries and Mercato Update: Latest news
• Coach Gattuso: Do we have the right coach?
• Refinancing: The latest on Milan finances
• Calhanoglu: Man of mystery
• VAR: First half of the season update
• Coming up: Upcoming matches

Thanks again to Jovan, lifelong Milan fan and wise beyond his years, for more great discussion about all things Milan. If you enjoy his brilliance, you’ll probably also enjoy his writing, such as this classic about Savicevic and Boban.

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