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Have you ever wished you could go back to a time when fans were fans and football was just football, not a multi-billion dollar politicized sport? I don’t know that we’ll see that simple life return anytime soon, but thanks to our friends at Vintage Pitch, we can put on a t-shirt that takes us right back to those carefree days. Created by a hardcore football fan (who is also a Milanista), Vintage Pitch has created a line of classic soccer t-shirts that will take you back to that time when the beautiful game was just about the sport. Vintage times.

Reminds me of the shirts players would wear after winning the Champions League

While the rumors spread for summer transfers that have ridiculous costs attached to them, you can go back to the glory days of football for a very fair price. You can order a Milan shirt, or maybe a club shirt for one of your friends or family members who support other clubs. Or you might want to get an Italy shirt in time for the Euros this year, or perhaps a Euro shirt for another country you will be supporting. Or maybe you want a football legends shirt to support your favorite legend, like the Maldini shirt.

These shirt designs are amazing, they instantly take me back to a time before sponsors determined the boots players wore and transfer fees were inflated to the tens of millions, and football was played to entertain. Before social media ruined everything, people could wear great calcio shirts like these to support their favorite calcio teams. Back to a time when people spoke to each other, actually went to the stadium, and maybe even bought great soccer gifts like these for one another.

That is a four time World Champion design right there

In over five years of blogging here, I have never had any advertising here for any type of product or service. But I had to let you know about these great football shirts because they were created by a fellow Milanista, friend, and regular podcast guest here. So please take some time to check out the Vintage Pitch site, shop, and share. We don’t want this business to go the way of Milan these past three years. These amazing Italian soccer shirts need to be like the glory days of Milan so we can see lots of new designs and success for our fellow Milanista.

Football has become so commercialized today, but ironically this little startup shirt company helps us to remember football’s roots. With classic football shirts that take us back to the time when fans were fans, players were men, and football was truly a beautiful game. Vintage Pitch reminds us of vintage times.

This post inspired by an amazing Milanista and calcio fan with a dream and some fantastic t-shirt designs

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