Podcast: Derby Dreams

Nothing could follow the most deliciously epic Derby win on Sunday, but I had to try. I stopped my laughter and screaming and wiped away my tears of joy and set out to talk about all things Milan with a massive smile on my face. The Derby win was a moment of healing and a reprieve from all that fans have endured in the past few years, as well as a gigantic slap in the face to our most hated rivals, something fans could only dream of before today. But after the celebrations are over, there are other games to be played, and so much to look forward to.

A dream goal for a dream Derby

An epic win required an epic guest, and luckily @RedCardWeekly’s Steve was available. Which is impressive given his newest venture, vintagepitch.com, where you can order some killer new vintage themed Serie A t-shirts. You can keep up on the new designs and releases by following @VintagePitch. Despite our exquisite joy following that delicious win, we were able to discuss:

• News of the Week: Primavera success, Ely surgery, set piece woes, epic retirement, goal line technology news, coaches behaving badly, a use for Montolivo

• Season Update: summary of the recent matches

• Mercato Update: transfer news

• Europe or no Europe: should Milan even qualify?

• Coming Up: a look ahead

Thanks again to Steve of @RedCardWeekly for joining be back on earth after a stellar win to talk all things Milan. Go now to vintagepitch.com to order your awesome Serie A t-shirts and be sure to follow @VintagePitch on Twitter for new designs and releases.

Our next match is
Palermo vs. Milan
Wednesday, February 3 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)

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