Poll: Season Surprises

It is way too early to say that Milan is on the mend, we’ve seen how quickly a season can deteriorate. And in many ways, nothing’s changed. But there are some signs of hope, some improvements that may not have us top of the table, but at least in a position on the table that Milan are more accustomed to. A month ago, we had a poll that asked what we should do from here to help Milan back to the top. Today, I thought I’d ask what you think is working well this season… which change or changes do you think Milan made this summer that are impacting the club most? For you, what are this season’s surprises?

Surprised that anyone let them out of the dressing room with those hideous kits

We have talked about the psychological transformation we saw this summer with Mihajlovic, even if the mentality has since slipped at times. We also discussed the midfield dynamics and the choices that have to be made regarding personnel and system that impact the functionality of the midfield. We have also talked about finding a strike partnership when we were playing the 4-3-1-2 system with our new players. All of these considerations and more have affected the team this season, but which one(s) surprised you most?

This post inspired by the music of the Vince Guaraldi Trio

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