Podcast: Milan Impossible

Despite early encouraging results, more recently the squad have shown that getting the Milan back that we know and love is not going to happen overnight. We fans have been tested already this season with a roller coaster first part of the season including wins, draws, losses, goals scored and conceded, and all of the hype that goes along with those things. Many of our players also want to play for their national teams, but how many of them will? We try to answer that and discuss the newer players and the season so far for you in this episode of Milan Impossible.

My guest this time is the legendary David Swan, one of the rare and endangered English fans of Milan, Serie A, and the Italian National Team. You can follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan and also check out his fantastic acmilanfinance.com site for the most accurate information about Milan’s finances in English, all in one place. For this podcast, we discussed:

• News of the Week: When Amelia attacks, Milan lead at something, Berlusconi’s dream

• Season to Date: Update on the season

• New Player Focus: We rate and/or discuss all ten new players

• International Duty: Which Milan players are likely to represent their countries, which players should or should not represent

• Coming Up: What’s up next after the break

Thanks again to David for staying up late after the Sampdoria match to bless all of you with his wisdom. You can get more wisdom directly from the source by following him on Twitter @DavidLSwan. Also, for any questions about player salaries, transfer fees, or other Milan finances, be sure to bookmark acmilanfinance.com, his brilliant site covering Milan finances in English.

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