A Tale of Two Trophies

While you were sleeping or working or trying to get the aftertaste of Sunday out of your mind, Milan won another trophy. That’s right, this Milan have bagged two trophies so far this season and it’s only the beginning of November. Granted the names of the trophies are probably not the ones you’d hope we’d add to our collection. But they are a testament to the celebration of mediocrity that surrounds the club this season. Just a tale of two trophies, nothing more.

A trophy for Berlusconi, even if he provided it for himself

In August, in the anti-endurance competition known as the Trofeo TIM, Milan bested Juve and Sassuolo, at least for two 45 minute matches to claim what fans feared would be our only hardware this season. But after being completely undone by Palermo on Sunday, they were not to be outdone by the reigning Copa Libertadores champions San Lorenzo, and took the illustrious (at least in one 78 year-old man’s eyes) Trofeo Luigi Berlusconi… for the thirteenth time. Which means, of course, that Milan will not win the Scudetto this season, as per the curse. But then again, I think there is a much bigger curse afflicting Milan this season that prevents any chance of a Scudetto win.

They look like they know they should have been playing for a real trophy instead

The Pope in all of his Christlike mercy allowed Milan to defeat his beloved San Lorenzo 2-0, especially since they had won an actual trophy in August from a real competition when it mattered. With goals scored by Pazzini and Bonaventura, and a clean sheet kept despite some time given to Agazzi in goal. It was a chance for most of the players we never see to get some time and impress or remind us why they never play.

Pazzini overcame his wife's words and scored a goal, all in a week's time

The starting lineup was Abbiati; Bonera, Rami, Mexes, Armero; Van Ginkel, Essien, Saponara; Niang, Pazzini and El Shaarawy. Subs included Agazzi, Bonaventura, Poli, De Sciglio (who finished wearing the captain’s armband and thus lifted the trophy,) Torres, Albertazzi, and Mastour. I was unable to find the full game to download, but there are about six minutes of highlights. For more insights into the game, see the previous comment thread, thanks to p3trarch.

Mastour finally got a few minutes with the first team, even if it was just a friendly

While it was nice that these players were able to get some time against a competitive squad in a friendly, one can’t help but worry about our league matchup against Sampdoria on Saturday. Also, will having won two trophies this season fill our corrupt management with complacency again? Or will they crave the trophies we all desire and  get their jobs done right in January to make sure that I am not writing a post about winning a couple of friendlies? The crowd of about 5,000 (including the San Lorenzo supporters) said it all.

Yepes received an ovation from both sets of supporters when he was subbed off

Congratulations to our boys for putting in a solid performance, especially after such a demoralizing loss on Sunday. Maybe the shine on that trophy will rub off on them and they will be able to perform equally well when it counts as they travel to the Marassi on Saturday. (Sampdoria preview up tomorrow) And of course, gracias San Lorenzo for traveling across the globe and the seasons and playing a great match (and especially bringing Yepes back to the San Siro, if only for one night.)

This post inspired by the music of the The Stone Roses “Fool’s Gold”

Our next match is
Sampdoria vs. Milan
Saturday, November 8 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)

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