Podcast: Finding the Right Milan DNA

It’s that time of year. The squad returned to Milanello and were also presented at Casa Milan amongst a day of festivities and over 2,000 fans. The Curva Sud started the season off right with an open letter to the club, too. The mercato is now in full swing, with a number of Milan players already out on loan or sold, and a few new faces, too. So much change, but most heartening for fans were the words of Mister Inzaghi, who talked about the importance of “finding the right Milan DNA.” And that is exactly what I think fans want the club to achieve this summer in training, in the mercato, and especially as a team.

Is the right Milan DNA here?

Returning again is the newly relocated podcast favorite Derek, now representing Milan in Colorado. We discussed:

• News of the Week: Squad presentation, Curva Sud letter, Balotelli in the doghouse again

• World Cup Update: final update from Brazil

• Mercato News: Who’s out, who’s in, and rumors

• New Boss: Mister Inzaghi

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week

Thanks once again to Derek for sharing his passion for Milan and his views with us. Please follow him on Twitter @Deekmonn or check out the comments section of the blog, you’ll undoubtedly see him sharing his opinions there.

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