A Little Milan Love

With a little break between World Cup matches and the mercato officially open, I thought I would say something nice about Milan while I still can. Despite all of the douchebaggery of recent years, my heart is still devoted to the red and black. However, as I sat down to write about my love for Milan, I realized that I have captured my obsession many times over before. So today, please enjoy a bit of a retrospective of my Milan heart and feel free to share a little bit of your Milan love in the comments.

Forever in our hearts

Written at the height of Allegri’s reign of terror, this one was a poignant reminder for me of why I love Milan, even in the toughest of times.

Touring the San Siro was like a religious experience for me. This post recounted my pilgrimage to the stadium of my dreams in words in pictures.

In addition to attending the Derby and touring the San Siro, I had a chance to visit the former Milan museum beneath the San Siro. I feasted on amazing memorabilia and worshipped the history before my eyes, then put together just a few pictures and words to try to share my experience.

A little Berlusconi influence on my little Milanisti

I am so proud to be a Milanista, but I’m even more proud that my children are also Milanisti. Particularly considering their father is a Juventino. After losing the Scudetto to Juventus in 2012, I counted my two precious blessings and proclaimed my small triumphs.

Last summer I offered a tutorial on how to raise your children to be Milanisti. Even if you do not yet have children of your own, you may want to read up now, because this is one that you don’t want to get wrong.

A description of the bondage we submit to as fans of Milan

I suppose it might be a little like an erotic romance level to Milan fans, but instead of writing a bunch of cheap smut, I challenged Milanisti to test their love for Milan. See how much Milan dominates your life.

Last but not least, a year ago this week, I shared what Milan means to me and challenged readers to do the same. So much has happened this past year, but reading this again, nothing has changed in my heart.

So with a break from football, and before the mercato gets fully Gallianied™, please just take a few minutes and read any or all of the above love letters to the red and black by clicking the links. And if you would, please share with us your own version of a little Milan love in the comments.

"This post inspired by the music of Inno Milan"

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