Friendly Fire

This week saw Milan play two friendlies, one on Wednesday against Lega Pro side Renate, and the other to fellow Lega Pro side Monza. While both were victories for Milan, they were hardly the 10-0 thumpings that Allegri’s Milan used to inflict upon their victims. Still, like they tend to do each summer in these friendlies, the young players shone. And as the players who played in the World Cup get ready to return and meet the team in New York for their US tour, here’s a little spotlight on some of the new and younger players as they head into the friendly fire…

Niang and El Shaarawy in the match vs. Renate

 From the Renate match:

Benedicic on the hunt

 Contrary to popular belief, Agazzi makes a save

That's how Alex rolls

Tassotti knows the fans are all there for him, but lets Inzaghi take the credit

The match vs. Monza: 

Poli keeps his eye on the ball

Saponara shows his mad skillz

Mastour put himself in the stats with a nice assist

Niang's penalty put the team on the scoreboard

The Master and the Student

Good luck to the boys in their myriad friendlies! Hoping this season erases the memories of last season.

This post inspired by the music of Imagine Dragons

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