Milan 3, Genoa 3: The Price of Silence

Milan had four matches left in this season, three of them home games. After protesting the Juventus match last week completely for their own political purposes, one might think that the Curva Sud would be back in full force to support the team they claim to love "In good times and in bad" for this one. But no. Completely stuck in their 1899 Ultra ways, these Karens demanded to speak to the manager by observing a silent protest as Milan hosted an in-form Genoa, making it all about them and their organized crime-like demands. And Milan drew with Genoa, 3-3, when it was a match they could and should have won. But the Curva Sud fans left ten minutes early, so they missed that part. That is the price of silence.

The players deserve support no matter what management does.

First of all, to clarify, the Curva Sud are going to be Ultras. But it's 2024, can't they update their tactics? They demand that our manager does, and they demand that the club updates the manager if he doesn't. So why are they still protesting like it's 1899? We have social media, the media, and so many other ways to make themselves heard. Particularly when you want to be heard about something that hasn't even happened yet. And because you didn't speak up last year. There is no reason to hurt the team you claim to support just to make a point.  Especially when you still paid Cardinale his money by actually coming to the stadium, but then failed to actually support the team. You claim to want to send a message to the owner, but he is counting the money from his ticket sales while you hurt the team instead. Why? It makes you look like moronic, buffoonish clowns with no class.

Making a mockery of yourselves.

We will never know how this match would have played out if the fans had actually cheered for their club like the thousands of Genoa fans in attendance. Certainly, the Milan players were off. Like Tomori, for example, who conceded a penalty in just the third minute by fouling Vogliacco. Retegui converted it to make it 1-0 Genoa.

Things didn't get any better when Pulisic took a fantastic shot that hit the post in the 13th minute. And most of the first half was spent just battling, trying to find their groove. But when Leão wasn't being double or triple teamed or fouled really hard, he let a shot or two fly, like in the 38th minute, but it went straight to Jospe Martínez, the goalkeeper. Pulisic's shot was then pushed just over the bar. And Theo had a shot saved, too.

Finally, Florenzi! Hell yeah.

Reijnders collected a yellow card for a foul on Frendrup. But no matter how hard they fouled Leão, no cards were given. Like Vogliacco's foul on him in the 44th, for example. Florenzi's free kick from that was saved, though, he was getting closer. Then, almost out of the blue, Chukwueze crossed it in, and Florenzi was there to hammer it home. 1-1 all just before halftime. Game on. There was minimal cheering from the 70,000 fans when Milan scored. Nothing like usual.

Just after the break, Milan were compromised again, with an Ekuban header that beat Gabbia and Tomori, shoving Gabbia to the ground in the process. 2-1 Genoa. Chukwueze seemed to equalize just a few minutes later with a great goal, but it was called back for offside. Leão launched a shot that ended up in the stands, and although the Curva Sud had taken a vow of silence, they broke it just to boo their own player. Then they booed him again when he was subbed off for Okafor in the 67th minute. What actually goes through the minds of these cretins?

We love you, too, Gabbia.

Milan certainly created plenty of chances, firing 26 shots in all, but only seven on target. Giroud missed a sitter in the 69th minute with a great chance created by Okafor. But Gabbia made up for it with a fantastic header from a Florenzi corner to equalize, 2-2 all. And just a few minutes later, Giroud got his goal when Pulisic put a perfect cross in for him, and he put Milan ahead, 3-2 Milan.

Sportiello made a double save, first on Thorsby from close range, then on Haps from the rebound, but a resulting goal would have been called off anyway, as Thorsby was "not just offside, almost in another provence," according to my commentator. Pioli made a triple substitution in the 80th minute, including  the return from longterm injury of Kalulu, who replaced Florenzi. The other two changes were Adli on for Bennacer and Thiaw on for Chukwueze.

Fierce Giroud is good Giroud.

It was at this point that the Curva Sud, having already displayed banners with their demands for management, left a banner that read "The Sound of Silence" and walked out of the match. If I was Kalulu, I would have taken that personally. The man is out virtually all season with injury, and they walk out right when he comes on? The sheer callousness of these Karens.

And wouldn't you know that after they left, Milan conceded again? 3-3 all. This time it ended up being an own goal, attributed to Thiaw, but I'm giving this one to Pioli, actually, for putting on so many defenders, a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. Retegui sent a shot in, and it got deflected in with the chaos. But actually, I blame the Curva Sud. Had they been there, supporting their team, the players would have been more focused.

Welcome back, Pierre. Even if the Curva missed your ten minute return to action.

True, I cannot prove this. Milan are without a win in six matches, drawing three now and losing three, while Genoa are without a loss in six matches, winning three and drawing three. So clearly, mentality is also a problem. But wouldn't that be the time, as a true fan, that you would put your issues aside and actually support your players? I know I do.

Too many fans wrote this season off long ago, disillusioned by the fact that Inter got so many more points (even though many were from referee favoritism), that we lost so many Derbies in a row (even though Milan had never faced Inter so many times in a single year before,) or Pioli's tactics, or whatever, or all of the above. But I don't care whether your team is in second place or twentieth place, fans support their team. It's in the job description. Milan had back-to-back draws in matches they could have actually won. And both times, their fans abandoned them. So yes, I absolutely blame the dropping of these points on the Curva's ridiculous protest. That is the price of silence.

This post inspired by the music of Måneskin's "The Loneliest"

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