Why We Bleed Red and Black

Sports fans all have a special kind of crazy about them. There are plenty of stories of fans who have supported their teams through thick and thin. But Milan fans have more than just a special kind of crazy. Through losses and triumphs on and off the pitch, those who support Milan do it for more than just a sports team. No matter how we started supporting Milan, we are all still here for one reason: we bleed red and black.

It's in our blood

There is a reason that our heart starts pounding when we see players in the red and black take the pitch. Whether it was Valter Birsa or Zlatan Ibrahimovic wearing that jersey, the blood in our veins responds to the crest and the colors. So we suffer through performances that mere mortals could not withstand watching, all the while our pulse dropping to barely detectable levels. However, our pulse does continue, just waiting and hoping for the performances that make our pulse soar, the performances that make our hearts burst with joy.

For reasons on and off the pitch, Milan have for too long now had too few of the kinds of performances we all want to see. Many fans have walked away because of it, and it is hard to blame them. It is hard to be a Milan fan. Especially for those of us who remember the glory days, when Milan not only played in Champions League, but won it. It has been hard to watch Milan field players like Traore, Cerci, Poli, van Ginkel, Salamon, Mesbah, Constant, Vergara, Gustavo Gomez, and so many more. It has been so painful to watch the parade of coaches, some Milan legends. It has been so hard to watch ownership follies and changes galore. Being a Milan fan has never been easy.

Even if history doesn't repeat itself, we still bleed for Milan

But being a Milan fan is so much more than watching the player of the day, the coach of the week, or even the owner of the month. It means getting up at whatever hour of the day to watch Milan play, even when you already know it will be horrible to watch and the result will be tragic, too. It means wearing your Milan jersey even if you know you will be mocked for it. It means following every detail of the team in good times and in bad. It means traveling to San Siro even if you know the match will end in pain. It means supporting the team no matter what.

We all hope for the day when Milan return to glory. Beautiful football, good results, and even trophies. We all reminisce on the days of glory, too. But for those of us who bleed red and black, true glory is in the everyday support of all of the players, the support of the team in every match, keeping our belief in Milan no matter which coach is hired, what decisions management makes, or who owns the club. Never turning our back on the club that we love, the team of our hearts. Because we can’t do anything else, Milan is a part of us. It’s why we bleed red and black.

This post inspired by AC Milan

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