Cagliari 0, Milan 1: Breathtaking

The match itself was heartstopping. Milan took 21 shots to score the one single goal. Only five of those shots were on target, but Milan showed resolve for all 90 minutes. Cagliari's desperation for the entire match provided the increased blood rate. Despite only 42% possession, they somehow managed 13 shots, even if only one of those was on target. In the end, the chest pains were worth it, not just for the three points, but for Bennacer's goal. It was absolutely breathtaking.

The game winner

As seems to be our new game plan, we let Cagliari attack for a few minutes, then we dominated more of the play for the rest of the first half. There wasn't much to write home about in the first 45 minutes, though, other than Theo Hernández very luckily evading a yellow card for simulation in the 23rd minute (he was excellent tonight other than the flopping and diving bits.) Other than that, Di Bello called a near perfect match, letting the game flow, and only needed to eventually give out one yellow. Funny how that works when a referee is competent and in control, making the correct calls and not calling attention to himself. 

Theo Hernández fortunate Di Bello kept his cards in his pocket

The second half was definitely more exciting. Milan seemed increasingly more clinical, it was only a matter of time before they score. And then it happened. The ball was sent into the area by Brahim Díaz, and Giroud, with his back to goal, set it up perfectly for Bennacer at the top of the box, who hit it on the volley, smashing it into the back of the net with a perfect left-footed strike. Absolutely breathtaking.


From there, Cagliari's efforts intensified, but Milan did not give up. Substitutions were made. Shots were taken. Calabria's almost point-blank effort was saved by Cragno. Zappa's effort in the 90th minute ended up hitting the crossbar. Saelemaekers' 93rd minute effort was blocked. In the end, it was the singular breathtaking moment that decided the game. Milan stay at the top of the table, still in control of our own Scudetto destiny. 

So many chances, but only the one goal

But wait, there was more... Maignan (and possibly Tomori) were racially abused by the Cagliari fans. Like literally, the players were wearing the "Keep Racism Out" logo, and the Captains were wearing that on their armbands, too, as the league was focusing on eradicating racism this weekend. One weekend per season, the league chooses to focus on this, and Cagliari fans still could not help themselves. It is shocking to me that people are so small that they are blinded by hate enough to be so horrible. 

He's literally wearing "Keep Racism Out" on his sleeve, people

Even more shocking that the Cagliari players came out to the field to defend their fans, ending up in a "brawl of words" after the final whistle in which even Maldini got in the middle of to break everything up. Just absolutely shocking all the way around. Our players deserve so much better, all human beings do. It kind of takes your breath away.

This post inspired by our badass Milan players and the dream of a world that treats them all equally

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