The Power of Grinta

Since Pioli took over, it never ceases to amaze me how many opposition and even Milan fans underestimate what this team can do. The undefeated streak after coming out of lockdown, finishing second place last season, and being joint-top of the table on points once again now apparently do not make us Scudetto contendersSunday will be a massive test of what this squad is really made of, but that is a team that has also been propelled by grinta. People literally put more faith in Allegri and the Cristiano Ronaldo-rejected Juventus than they do the team that has had more injuries by far than any other team in Serie A and is still seven points ahead of that team. They simply overlook the power of grinta

Never underestimate the grinta

Grinta directly translates from Italian to grit in English, but it is so much more. Grinta is that barbaric energy that gives mere boys the power of men, the force that keeps someone playing beyond injury or strength. Grinta is passion and determination in the face of all opposition. Grinta is the energy that unifies teams who are fighting for the win, the desire to not just play, but conquer. Grinta is the life force that has propelled this young team to do things that they should not be able to do on paper. 

Grinta in the flesh

To say that it is only grinta would be oversimplifying every success, all of the achievements that Pioli has made happen with hard work and the effort of every single player. We have watched the talented young players that Maldini, Massara, and our scouts have brought to the club grow and develop right before our very eyes through their commitment and hard work. They are the epitome of a team that is well scouted, well coached, and outperform what they are being paid in comparison to supposedly "world class" players.

This team has its own playing style, which, when executed well, can only be described as a humble swagger. When they lose that humility, that unity, or are simply mentally exhausted and bereft of all focus, they perform poorly and/or drop points. Despite the injury apocalypse that has devastated this squad for the past two years, there have been relatively few matches like this. Not just the injuries, but also the referees who have actually been suspended for making poor calls against Milan (as well as those who were not suspended.) Milan still qualified for Champions League last season by finishing second, and are still in second place now.

So freaking much grinta

Fans and even pundits make such shallow observations and "hot takes" these days, and then get frustrated too easily if their every fantasy does not materialize. They assume that the teams with the largest wage bills or most overpaid coaches will win, like when Inter crashed out of the Champions League last year and "won" a Scudetto, despite not even being able to pay their overpriced players. People look at the trophy and their wage bill and assume that they will automatically win, but they lack the unity and mentality that Milan have. Those teams are now finally experiencing a fraction of the injury and overcrowded schedule Milan have now been dealing with for two years straight.

People also overlook what Maldini has done for this club since his return. It is almost as if his life force alone has changed everything, but in reality, he has worked miracles by tirelessly fighting through every obstacle to lower wages and bring the team back to where we belong. The grinta flows from his Rossoneri heart and veins and has been assimilated by everyone in the club, with even the commercial side vastly improving. People are selling he, Pioli, and the team incredibly short. They need to recognize that winning is not about having the most expensive or well-known players or coaches. Winning first and foremost requires the power of grinta

This post inspired by the music of Queen's "We Are the Champions"

Our  next match is 
Serie A Week 28
Napoli vs. Milan
Sunday, March 6 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)

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