Inter 1, Milan 2: All the Feels

Victory. Delicious victory. That's all I can think about right now. We won. We beat Inter, breaking our Derby curse. We're at the top of the table. Undefeated since March. It's been so long since Milan brought me so much happiness, I almost forgot how it feels. And even better, we are showing no signs of stopping. I literally have all the feels.

All the feels

The victory will be tainted if anyone comes out of this with new COVID-19 positive tests this next week. I'm still not sure it was wise to play today, but since that is an unknown, I will happily celebrate the win for now. 

The match started out immediately with a warning cross sent in by Hakimi, which required both Gigio and Kjaer to deal with. The game was physical and it was tense, but Kolarov made a costly error in the 12th minute to break the deadlock. He took Ibrahimovic down in the box, Mariani called for the penalty, and VAR confirmed it. Ibrahimovic took the penalty, and Handanovic actually saved it, but couldn't stop Ibrahimovic's rebound to follow it up. 1-0 Milan.

"They locked up the wrong animal"

Before Inter could catch their breath, Ibrahimovic took a great cross from Leao and converted it, 2-0 Milan. But that seemed to make Inter even more angry, and when I say angry, I mean like how Barella kicked the bottom of Bennacer's chin and face. Of course, even though a high boot is almost a guaranteed yellow card, Barella barely got a warning for that. That's okay, though. His knee collided with Calabria's just before the half, which seemed uncomfortable. And in the second half, Barella took a ball point blank to the face from Bennacer's big brother Kjaer, with Bennacer right next to him. It's called Karma. Because if the ref doesn't get you, Karma will.

Ibrahimovic would be whistled for a tight offside call in the 28th, and then Lukaku pulled one back in the 29th. 2-1 Milan. Though that would be the final score, there was still plenty of battle left, like Theo getting fouled by Vidal just after that with no call from Mariani. Or Kjaer's multiple amazing clearances. Or Gigio's multiple amazing saves. 

This is how the experience vs. youth question was answered

Mariani finally found where he misplaced his yellow cards in the second half, with both Pioli and Conte earning one card each, too, although obviously, Pioli wore his better. The part of the match Interisti will be crying about happened around the 75th, when Gigio came out on Lukaku and made some contact. Inter were screaming for a penalty, but after a VAR review, it was determined that Lukaku had been offside before the contact. At least if Mariani missed Inter's brute squad trying to break our players the whole game, Irrati and his VAR team did not miss this.

So many feels

The rest of the match was every bit as intense, maybe even more so as time ran down. Ibra just sent the ball over from a free kick, Lukaku left with far more regrets than goals, including his final chance at the whistle, which the more than capable Gigio Donnarumma smothered. In all, Inter took 19 shots with six on target, whereas Milan only took 11 shots with 4 on target. But Ibrahimovic's brace was enough to give us the win, keep our streak going, and put us at the top of the table. I don't even know what to think right now, I just have all the feels.

This post inspired by the music of Muse's "Invincible"

Our next match is 
Europa League Group Stage
Celtic vs. Milan
Thursday, October 22 • 21:00 CEST (3pm EDT)

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