Parma 1, Milan 1: Indigestion

As with most of our lunchtime games, this match was a source of massive indigestion for fans. In a match that we could have dominated and should have won, we played our timid, defensive, offensively constipated game instead. So much so that Parma looked like the team that wanted a Champions League spot. And now, having dropped points, our fate is no longer entirely in our hands, with five games still left to play.

Going home hungry

Our reluctant ex, Kucka, tried to leave his mark on the game from the very beginning. A stamp on Bakayoko in the second minute left Bakayoko needing treatment before he could continue. Then in the 18th, Kucka had one of the best chances of the first half with an overhead bicycle kick that went just wide. And again in the 82nd, his effort went just over, hitting the top of the net, actually. I don’t know what I would have done if he would have scored, though, it would have been too much.

Gigio had an amazing save on Ceravolo in the 12th minute when he ran off his line to make the stop. He was excellent in his first game back from injury. But almost everyone else looked like they were playing asleep, which is what I wish I’d been doing instead of watching them sleepwalk.

A super sub worth celebrating

Gattuso gets some credit from me on his substitutions. They were early, he used them to change tactics, and they were impactful. Cutrone coming on in the 58th reminded everyone else that they should be running and gave them a sense of urgency. Then Castillejo came on and scored the goal less than three minutes later with a lovely assist from Suso. 1-0 Milan. And his final sub was Biglia for Calhanoglu, obviously so we could get the game’s only yellow card.

But whatever credit he might get for improving the game, he loses more credit for creating the mess to begin with. Criticizing Suso when it’s his playing from the back tactics that have most impacted Suso’s form. Starting Borini and playing him for 90 minutes of whining, diving, rolling around, complaining, and shooting off target when we have better options on the bench. And speaking of Borini, it was his clumsy foul that gave Parma the free kick in which Bruno Alves scored that gorgeous goal to make it 1-1 in the 87th.

Giving up the free kick and generally bringing the team down with his mediocrity

That goal was crushing, but so deserved. Parma only had that one shot on target, but had plenty of chances otherwise. Anyone watching the match might guess, at least for large portions of it, that Milan were the 14th place team, we were so lackadaisical. We played like we were 2-0 up the whole match, but without being able to score at all. And then even when we were up 1-0, another costly error cost us points. Only at this point, those dropped points could cost us Champions League qualification. A hefty price to pay for poor tactics and players who didn’t play with enough intensity. Apparently, we cannot play at lunchtime to save our Champions League lives. And that is enough to give anyone indigestion.

This post inspired by the music of The Smiths’ “Still Ill”

Our next match is
Coppa Italia Semifinal Second Leg
Milan vs. Lazio
Wednesday, April 24 • 20:45 CST (2:45pm EDT)

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