Juventus-Milan Preview: Do or DAI

This match is usually a relished and highly anticipated event, even when Milan have been struggling. But this time, Milan come into this match with our confidence popped like a balloon, with the bits of the balloon then put through a shredder. After a stretch where our performances were poor and then got even more poor, despite winning results, we lost two matches and drew a match that felt more like a loss. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, we lost two more important starters, too. But because of those results, our Champions League dreams are fading fast, so this match is do or DAI.

"To DAI or not to DAI, that is the question"

Juventus have been winning. Well mostly. And being entitled douchebags, of course. Sorry, that’s racist entitled douchebags. After everyone at the club raving about what a professional their convicted tax evader and accused rapist is, our old friend Bonucci accused Moise Kean of being 50% responsible for racist monkey chants aimed at him on Tuesday. I didn’t even know racism was something that could be provoked. So sad that Cagliari’s captain did more to protect and support Kean than his own teammate did, but whatever. It’s Juventus. Winning is the only thing. And being racially abused is not winning.

Juventus did actually beat Cagliari on Tuesday, 2-0, and it’s hard to know which is more of a surprise: that Juventus won, or that Bonucci made even more people hate him. For that match, however, Allegri, aka Mister DAI, lined up: Szczesny; Caceres, Bonucci, Chiellini; De Sciglio, Can, Pjanic, Sandro; Bernardeschi, Matuidi; and Kean. Noticeably missing is the accused rapist and convicted tax evader, Cristiano Ronaldo, reportedly to injury. Although according to Juventus, he is also reportedly a consummate professional, so believe what you will. Barzagli and Caceres are also out for Saturday. Khedira’s season was interrupted by heart surgery, although I believe he is back in training now, I am not sure if he will be called up yet. Spinazzola, Dybala, and Cuadrado all returned to training on Thursday, although it is unclear as of this writing if they will all be fit for Saturday.

Maybe people who say racist things should also share their salary 50-50 with those they denigrate.

Gattuso’s season seems to be imploding in the worst of ways. In addition to his stubborn tactics being laid raw by increasingly poor performances and now results, his Champions League qualifying dreams may be stolen from him by a new batch of injuries. On Tuesday, Gigio came off very early with a muscle injury. It was first predicted he could be out a month, but current reports say he will only miss two weeks. While no one could ever replace the young keeper with the incredible reflexes, Pepe Reina is an amazing second choice keeper, so I am not worried. However, I am very worried about Paqueta, who also came off in the first half on Tuesday. He has a second degree dislocation of the right ankle, and while there is no official recovery time from the club yet, some speculate he could be out for the season. Ouch. That one really hurts. And we have no one else like him, either.

The other Milan injuries: Suso’s foot is healing and he is training with the team. Kessie has had inflammation of the left knee, but was back in training on Thursday and should be available for Saturday. Conti’s muscle injury has forced him to train separately, and it is unlikely he will be available for this match. And of course, we still miss Bonaventura physically, but especially his spirit in a match like this one.

Two out of five injured starters surveyed said they would be available for Saturday

Juventus really have nothing to play for, but winning is everything. When they win on Saturday, their fans will not celebrate or even think of three points, but rather will come trolling Milan fans, along with their new allies/former worst enemies, Inter fans. That tells you everything you need to know about the overall lack of character of their fanbase (if the words from their actual club regarding racism, alleged rape, tax evading, and how they push people out of their club did not.) Milan have everything to play for, and having shown a much weakened mentality of late to go along with a much weakened starting eleven due to injuries, face an obstacle that could seem impossible. Or it could possibly inspire them to prove everyone wrong. Whether Gattuso gets the tactics and lineups right or not could impact the final outcome for sure, but in the end, if Borini and company believe they can qualify for Champions League, then they will. It’s do or DAI.

This post inspired by the music of Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping”

Serie A Week 31
Juventus vs. Milan
Saturday, April 6 • 18:00 CST (12noon EDT)
This match can be streamed LIVE on ESPN+ in the U.S.

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