A Milan Love Story

Everyone remembers their first love… how suddenly, for no rational reason, their heart was no longer theirs. My heart was given to AC Milan, against all odds, and I know I’m never getting my heart back. Neither distance, language, horrible stream, failing management, terrible players, nor anything else has been able to change my heart. In fact all of those things have simply made my love stronger. In good times in bad, in wins and in losses, my life has become a Milan love story.

Who could help but fall in love?

My story began during the World Cup 1994, my first experience watching football. I followed the stories and was sucked into this team’s ability to defy all odds. For example, their captain, some guy called Franco Baresi, had a knee injury and surgery and made a miraculous recovery to play in the final… only to miss a penalty. There were these other defenders, too (I always liked defense in every sport I watched)… Paolo Maldini, Mauro Tassotti, and Alessandro Costacurta. It was Roberto Baggio, who had dragged the team to the final with his goals, whose penalty miss broke my heart, though. He actually ended up at Milan a year or so later. So it was only natural that of all of the Serie A teams, I should be drawn to AC Milan.

I fell in love, and I fell hard. I loved the colors. I loved the style of play. I loved the players. I loved the class and decorum of the team compared to other teams. I was absolutely smitten. Watching other teams was okay, but I felt something change inside of me when I watch Milan. I felt my red and black blood awaken.

In good times or in... sad

Living in the United States, on the West Coast, even, and with about three words as my Italian fluency quota, it was difficult to even find the games on TV. The time zone is not easy, either, with games often played during work hours or the middle of the night. But I did what I could to follow my new love, and eventually, I was able to find a way to watch pretty much every game.

As my love grew, so did my passion. And eventually, having no friends locally to watch with, I found communities online to share my passion with. Which led me to this venture. In February of 2011, just before Milan’s most recent Scudetto win, a friend helped me start this blog. And a year later, the podcast was born. Through every Matri, Traore, Juan Mauri, and other failed transfer or performance, there has been a match preview and review for every game here since February of 2011. Yes, from Allegri through Brocchi and more. Because those are the kinds of crazy things someone in love does. My love is not selfish, in fact nothing makes me happier than sharing my love with anyone who wants to. The podcast, born as a challenge for me, is 93 episodes and counting. Fans from all over the world have contributed their time and thoughts about AC Milan. Amazing what people in love with Milan will do.

Even a couple of fearsome pirates lost their heart to Milan

As a parent, it is a dream come true if your child falls in love like you do. And I have been blessed with this joy twice over. Against all odds, both of my children also fell in love with Milan. Not the year Milan won the Scudetto. The year Milan fell painfully short after so much controversy. That’s when they realized what it meant to truly love Milan – when there was pain, not joy. But now, together, we have joy in Milan. We watch Milan together, we talk about Milan together. Our home is decorated in red and black. They choose red and black clothing, accessories, backpacks, and more. My son even made my blog logo for me, and my daughter belts out every word of “Inno Milan.” Because they love Milan just like me.

This is my Milan love story, now two generations deep. This Milan Obsession, for those who bleed red and black, has grown from watching Milan’s legendary defense representing their country here in my backyard, to my pilgrimage to the San Siro almost five years ago, to here and now. I’m hopelessly and helplessly Milan nel cuore, and I never want that to change. I fell in love. I fell hard. And it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

What is your Milan love story? Every fan has one. What crazy things do you do for Milan? Please share in the comments below. Forza Milan!

This post was inspired by my main man, Massimo. Tanti Auguri!

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