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Last weekend marked a special opportunity for Milan Ladies, as six of them got to represent the team and make an appearance on mainstream television. Unlike the Milan men’s team, the Milan Ladies’ games are unfortunately not televised every week, so the chance to be on television at least talking about football was a very special occasion.

A much deserved moment in the spotlight for these great athletes

The show was on RAI 2 on Saturday night and is called “Calcio Champagne.” The show discusses the weekend’s football matches, primarily the mens’ games, but actually features Katia Serra, a former Italian women’s footballer who even played with the women’s national team.

The players along with former footballer Katia Serra

Despite the fact that most of the show was still talking about the men’s game, it was great exposure for the Milan Ladies to be on and help promote the women’s game in Italy. Sadly, it’s difficult to imagine a time when women’s football will have the awareness, viewership, sponsors, pay, stadiums, worldwide fanbase, etc. that the men’s teams get. Certainly, though we can each make a difference and help get the word out by following the team on social media and keeping up with their matches.

The Milan Ladies with Giacomo Zanetello of OptaPaolo fame

Speaking of which, the women who were on the show played the very next day vs. Real Meda. In fact it was probably only about twelve hours after getting home from the station, which I doubt the men would ever even be allowed to do. They have reinforced their squad with a lot of new players this year and even battled the daughter of a Baresi (not the good one.) And they do it all without tons of adoring fans and packed stadiums, or really any stadium at all.

Food for thought: What can you do to promote women's football?

But I am grateful for the amazing players of Milan Ladies who work every bit as hard and play every bit as hard as the men do despite everything being stacked against them. They are my heroes of calcio, and heroes not just for young girls or other women, but for people everywhere. I’m happy that they got a little recognition and a chance to raise awareness about women’s football. So raise a glass to the Milan Ladies and their few minutes of fame. Maybe someday soon all of us will even be allowed to see them doing what they do best… play football.

This post was inspired by the music of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Laughing in the spotlight one night, playing in obscurity the next day. Help bring them out of obscurity and spread the word!

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