Derby della Madonnina Femminile: Remorse

The Derby for me always brings out the best worst most fierce in me. But the unparalleled hatred I have toward Inter has more to do with Calciopoli than anyone or anything else. So, as this Sunday is the women’s Derby, it was only a slightly stronger than usual ferocity that had me salivating ahead of this match. But then I found out who the Inter Ladies’ captain is, and things got a little more intense. Her name is Regina Baresi, daughter of Giuseppe Baresi, former Inter player. And also the niece, of course, of Milan’s eternal captain and legendary defender, Franco Baresi. And suddenly, I want to teach that woman a lesson. A lesson of remorse.

The Derby is always fierce, but who will have remorse this year?

The Baresi family has a very interesting story. Both Giuseppe Baresi and his younger brother, Franco, tried out for Inter’s youth teams. Giuseppe was accepted and went on to be captain of the first team, playing most of his career there. But Franco was rejected by Inter for being too little and scrawny. As with most decisions Inter make, it was a poor one. For both them and for Giuseppe. Franco went to Milan instead and won so much more, also becoming captain of the Italian national team, etc. Franco’s career completely eclipsed his big brother’s, but then again so has Milan’s success eclipsed its ugly stepsister, Inter’s success. You would think Giuseppe would have some remorse for choosing the wrong side of Milan, but apparently not.

Which brings us to Sunday’s match. Now Giuseppe’s daughter, Regina, is now captaining the Inter Ladies’ team. Why would she choose Inter and only limited success, rather than following her uncle’s wise choice? It’s impossible to say how that side of the family never learns. But Milan Ladies do have some people who crossed the line and made the right choice this season.

Hoping the Rossoneri girls make us proud

It starts at the top, as the new Director of Sport, Germano Sessa, left Inter Ladies to join Milan Ladies this summer. Seizing the opportunity to right their poor choices of having played at Inter Ladies, three talented midfielders came to Milan Ladies: Giulia Lorusso, Marta Longoni, and Denise Carabetta.

The only trouble is that it hasn’t quite worked out the way it is supposed to just yet. Milan Ladies sit in 8th place in the Serie B table with three wins, a draw, and three losses. Whereas Inter Ladies are in 3rd place with four wins, two draws, and a loss. But that’s why Derbies are played. A big win on Sunday could change everything, as the teams are separated by only two points.

Milan Ladies 2016-17. No Remorse.

Personally, I want to see the Milan Ladies’ new midfielders shine, while teaching Regina Baresi a lesson. The Baresi name is only worth so much in the Nerazzurri. But it is the Rossoneri shirt that brings success, even if you don’t have a famous last name. This match will be the game of the season, and not just because of the crosstown rivalry. Both teams are working toward promotion, and both stand a chance of achieving it. So whether you are interested in the sporting side or the grudgematch side of this story, or both, be sure to follow along and support our Milan Ladies. Maybe our support will give Milan Ladies the edge and make Regina and her Nerazzurri teammates show some remorse.

This post inspired by my awesome Franco Baresi phone cover

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