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Thank you for purchasing your red and black heart. At AC Milan, we care about our customers’ satisfaction. We would like you to rate our most recent purchases below and give further feedback in the space below. Thank you for being Rossoneri!
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"Ahhh, the fans love me. I'm a rock star who brings them new world class players. You're welcome."

While Galliani perfects his bicycle riding and pool floating and continues with his “let them eat cake” persona when it comes to the fans, I would actually like to know what you guys think of our most recent reinforcements. We established straight away that they are not Saving Milan, and the jury is still out as to whether or not Destro is right for Milan. People have a lot to say about Paletta’s hair, but what about his playing? Not sure if we’ve solved the Cerci Riddle, either, but who is your favorite new player? Who do you have the most hope for? What impresses you about these guys? Choose as many players as you like from the survey below that you feel are improvements to the squad, then please let us know what you think about them in the comments section.

A month ago, the majority of voters in The New Guys said that they were good signings. Do you still agree? Who do you think is the best new signing, both for contribution, potential, and cost? Please let us know what you think. Galliani may not care, but I do.

Note: If you are clinically depressed as a result of watching Milan this season, this poll may not be for you. Likewise, if you have been smoking the Kool-Aid, and are high on unrealistic expectations, you may wish to declare yourself exempt. And also get a new habit. Everyone knows you are supposed to drink the Kool-Aid, not smoke it.

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