Fiorentina 2, Milan 1: Rainy Days and Mondays

It kind of seems like Milan have been all “Rainy Days and Mondays” all season long. What started as a bizarre comedy has turned into a downward spiral that is now just like a giant black hole. Or at least that’s how my heart feels after watching Milan play. It gets so hard to even see anything good anymore, even though there usually are positives. They are just overshadowed by journalists rallying the cry for Pippo’s head and social media following them like mindless drones. But even if you can look past all of the senseless noise, it’s downright depressing to be a Milan fan this year. So the rain in Florence was very appropriate tonight as Milan gave up another lead, at least this time to a team above us on the table.

Contrary to popular belief, the minute of silence was not to mourn Milan's season. (it was for a ref who died, people)

Honda had an amazing chance in the first half, we had a few chances, but referee Carmine Russo offered more yellows than Milan had chances, with Menez getting one for a handball in the 22nd, van Ginkel earning his in the 29th for a foul on Pasqual, and Mexes getting his requisite card in the 34th.

But the second half was when the game really began. Montella dropped a double sub at the half bringing on Badelj and Joaquin for Richards & Aquilani, and still leaving Salah on the bench. A move that showed more balls than a children’s ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. And for the first ten minutes, it seemed like genius. Milan were pinned back and Diego Lopez forced to earn his salary as well as Paletta… well he earned the right for all of us to see his hair wet, which is much worse than anything else we saw tonight.

No pole dance celebration. Another positive.

But then in the 56th, there was some kind of miracle. Bonaventura sent a ball in toward goal, and Destro got the perfect touch on it to send it screaming past Neto for a Milan goal, 1-0 Milan. And from that point on, Milan actually played some interesting football. Well, okay, for about 20 minutes and three Fiorentina yellow cards. Diego Lopez was also carded in the 77th, it looked like he was perhaps actually tying his shoes with gloves on, but the ref was like “Nah, bro, that’s impossible. Timewasting. Yellow!”

Speaking of the ref, in the 64th, Russo went over to the sidelines for some medical attention on his foot/ankle. After a short delay, he grabbed some medication, took it, and ran back onto the field. His night didn’t last, though, as in the 85th he was unable to continue and subbed himself off for the fourth official, extending stoppage time to about six minutes in all of the confusion.

Maybe we don't need a new coach, just a new hat for the coach?

But Inzaghi left his mark on the game, too. In the 80th, when Montella was using his third sub (and still left star Salah on the bench,) Inzaghi took off Honda for the poor man’s Honda, Cerci. That went well, as just two minutes later, we conceded as Gonzalo scored a brilliant header from an equally brilliant Joaquin assist, 1-1. So while the refs were sorting themselves out, Inzaghi slipped Bonera in for Abate, who played quite well for the 88 minutes he was given on his debut from injury. And true to form, we conceded just one minute later, a Joaquin goal in the 89th. 2-1 Fiorentina. It didn’t stop Inzaghi for throwing on Pazzini for Essien in the 90th, though. But the third time was a charm, and even with such extended stoppage time, we were able to stop the carnage, even if we couldn’t pull another one back and at least get the point.

The match was doomed when they put on those yellow kits, they always make us play more poorly. But Abate was back, he was the captain, and he played well. Muntari didn’t play, that’s always positive. Paletta was a beast, and now we don’t have to see his hair again for another six days. Honda had a great game, Menez didn’t hog the ball for once, and Destro got his second goal. All good things.

Ahead of the match, Menez: "Huh... maybe I should try letting my teammates have the ball sometimes tonight"

I have already probably written more than I should have, considering that it was the number five team vs. the number ten team. We didn’t play our best, but we didn’t play our worst. Cue rumors of replacing Inzaghi with a coach of “experience,” like someone who is coaching his first season of Serie A after 25 years of coaching in the lower divisions. Because that is easier to deal with than the real problems Milan have. There is a reason that alcohol has been a major theme in the gameposts this season. But “It Can’t Rain all the Time,” eventually things will get better. Until then, trust no one. Except maybe the alcohol. I don’t know, rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

This post inspired by the music of Muse’s “Psycho”

Our next match is
Milan vs. Cagliari
Saturday, March 21 • 20:45 CET (3:45pm EDT)*
*note the time difference due to Daylight Savings Time

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