Milan-Genoa Preview: Can We Wear Your Shirts?

The last time Genoa came to Milan, they had just come off of being humiliated by their fans, who made them hand over their shirts, saying they weren’t worthy to wear them.  This time, they are 10th on the table, and we are under fire, sitting in 15th, but only on goal differential. And despite narrowly escaping relegation last season, Preziosi’s standards are apparently much higher, having just fired Di Canio in favor of Delneri, as Genoa lost the lead in just 3 matches and subsequently lost those matches. Meanwhile, Milan have lost five league matches as well as our Champions League match vs. Málaga midweek. And yet we still cling to our coach as if he was our lifeboat out of this Tsunami that management put us in this summer. Too bad we can’t wear Genoa’s shirts instead. With a new coach and 5 spots above us in the table, it’s funny how things change so much in such a short time.

Genoa? Genoa who? I only wear the red and black.
Genoa are coming off of a drubbing at the hands of Roma. After scoring 2 goals in the first 15 minutes, Roma came back and scored four on Genoa. Ouch. No wonder Di Canio was sacked. But Genoa also lost Borriello to a 6 week injury in that match. Personally, I think the ex-Milan striker was too scared to face his former club. Or I would have thought that when we had a team that struck fear into people. But he was one of two actual strikers that Genoa have right now, so it was a pretty big blow to the club.

That's right, I'm back, baby! Did you miss me? I bet Juve do!

With a new coach, it is really hard to guess how they will line up. Di Canio had lined up Frey; Canini, Granqvist, Moretti, Bovo; Kucka, Seymour, Antonelli, Jankovic; Borriello, and Jorquera for that fateful game. But without Borriello, Delneri may opt for a single striker in Immobile, who is anything but immobile, the young striker already has 2 goals on the season. We may also see our young former midfielder Merkel, who is also on the books with a goal so far this campaign.

Can't you wear *our* shirt again, Merkel? We miss you!

Allegri has verbally committed to the 3 man backline. It’s like he’s torturing the fans, and has hypnotized Berlusconi and Galliani to continue to let him do so. Who he lines up will depend largely on who is healthy. And also if their name is drawn out of a hat. So expect Abbiati (or Amelia,) Bonera, Mexes, Yepes; Abate, Montolivo, De Jong, De Sciglio; Urby, Pazzini, El Shaarawy. And expect goals, but more likely from Genoa, because while Allegri keeps trying to invent a successful midfield from nothing, our forwards can’t convert no matter what he puts behind them.

That's right, Milanisti, I'm fully trolling all of you

Of course I would never want our boys to wear another team’s shirt. (Which is also true of Antonini – I don’t think he should wear any team’s shirt.) It’s just hard not to envy the team that profits all the time from our team’s poor business tactics and, despite nearly being relegated last season, is above us on the table. That’s right, Milan, the team that let the Scudetto slip through our fingers last season, are in relegation trouble only eight games in. But still, the red and black is all I know, all I want to know. And I will cheer my broken heart out tomorrow for them. This accomplishes two things: one, I am faithful to my beloved club, and two, it drowns out Allegri’s screams of “Dai! Dai! Dai!” But truthfully, we are not as much the underdogs here, and we are at home. So I hope with all of my heart we can pull it off. Because there’s no shirt like the Rossoneri shirt, and it looks best when we win.

This post inspired by the music of Haircut 100’s “Favourite Shirts”

Milan vs. Genoa
Saturday, October 27 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
This match will be shown LIVE on RAI in the U.S.
Check the comments for streams prior to the match

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