Allegri’s Report Card

Much has been written about Allegri this season and many have called for his sacking while others defend him staunchly. But for today, I wanted to get a consensus from all of you as to where you rate him. Consider his tenure, the Scudetto winning season, the Super Coppa win, the season that injuries stole from us, this summer’s “transition” all the way up through the match at Parma.

A manager under fire

Keep in mind that we are NOT holding him in any way responsible for the epic financial fail of the club, management’s ridiculous decision to sell our two best players after promising not to, the quality of players he’s been dealt then or now, or any of the other mind numbing  decisions that have been made during his time with Milan. Please rate him only based on the categories listed, but be honest, it’s an anonymous poll.

I have broken the report card down into two sections, Tactics and Leadership, as it is possible you may have a different rating for the different areas of his job. Feel free to take either or both polls.

Are those tactics for the pitch or for your girlfriend?

Please consider his formations, lineups, substitutions, training techniques and practices, etc.

Allegri tries to relate better to his players

Please consider his player relations, press conferences and other public statements, his ability to maintain discipline and respect amongst the players, how he is perceived by the media and general public, how he relates to Berlusconi and Galliani, etc.

When you have taken both polls, please feel free to comment about the various categories or tell us whether or not you feel he should stay on with the club and why.

This post inspired by the music of Elaine’s “Girl Mix,” including Metric, Mazzy Star, Sia, The Cocteau Twins, Jane Siberry, The Cranberries, Sinead O’Connor, and Annie Lennox

Our next match is
Champions League Group Stage
Zenit St. Petersberg vs. AC Milan
Wednesday, October 3 • 18:00 CEST (12noon EDT)

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