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So the Euro Quarterfinals are set. With our “gift” from Berlusconi of keeping a player that we already had, and everyone tied to Milan repeatedly saying in the media that our squad is “complete” or “nearly complete,” (barring the inevitable addition of Acerbi, which is rumored to be complete as early as today,) I thought it would be nice to take our minds off of these things and talk a little bit about our favorite Milan players.

Seedorf sneaks in to remind you of who your favorite player is.

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time already knows who my favorites are, so although I will disclose them again, I thought I would survey the other Milanisti here to add a little something new.

Who is your favorite current Milan player?

Sofia: My favorite player is Thiago Silva. Well he’s been my favorite ever since my mom wrote the “Silent Knight” post about him. I really like defending, so the defense position that he plays helps play a part in my favoritism as well. I also like that he’s really loyal.

Massimo: My favorite player is Ibra. I like him because he’s a good all around player, he goes back and defends if he needs to. And he pretty much controls his team in a way that’s good for the team. He’s very skilled and he’s very powerful. He finds every chance and takes it to the extreme. If you mess with Ibra, you’ll literally get your brains knocked out.

Me: My favorite player is Christian Abbiati. I have always had a thing for goalkeepers, maybe I like that I always feel safe because they’ve always got my back. But Abbiati, barring a few “what was he thinking” (human) moments, is great at anticipating the shot, extending fearlessly, and defending the net, even to the tips of his toes when all else fails. A lot of keepers scream a lot, and Abbiati will do that, from time to time, but he really just bosses the box. He organizes the back line to the point that he doesn’t need to scream. And he really got credit from me this last season for playing with a completely different backline practically every week due to injuries. He is my hero of the nets.

Who is your favorite past Milan player?

Sofia: My favorite player is Pippo because of the song: “Oi oi oi, oi oi oi oi, Pippo Inzaghi segna per noi.” His name is awesome. I like his celebrations. And I like that he scored a lot, that’s a really good thing in a player.

Massimo: I like Andrea Pirlo. He’s a really good midfielder. He inspires passionate play and he increases the level of play. He has really good passes and crosses sometimes and he takes some really good free kicks. He makes some pretty good shots, too. 

Me: You might think that my favorite is Pippo Inzaghi if you’ve only recently started reading, but I haven’t even come to grips with the fact that he is now a former Milan player. In addition to goalkeepers, I have a thing for defenders, so my favorite former Milan player is the sublime and one of a kind, Paolo Maldini. Who ever thought that tackles could be beautiful? And yet everything that he did on the pitch was beautiful, like watching art in motion. Always classy, ever the fierce competitor and a teammate and captain that anyone would want to play next to, he is and always will be my captain.

So now it’s your turn. Please tell us your favorite current and former Milan players. Even if we narrowed it down to one, you can list as many as you like.

Thank you to Massimo and Sofia for sharing their opinions!

This post inspired by the music of The Beatles

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