Wheel of Misfortune

More so than most seasons, this summer transfer market seems like a bad TV gameshow – we will either win some kind of prize whose value is enhanced by music, lighting, and an always smiling TV model, or we will lose everything in one simple spin of the wheel. The first option applies to transfers that are potentially overhyped, or, if we’re lucky, actually live up to or exceed expectations. The second, currently the object of much discussion in the media, is the loss of players like Ibra or Thiago Silva, with the hope that their transfer fees may be able to fund the transfer of multiple players to reinforce the rest of the squad. This week we already felt like the wheel was going to stop on “Lose Thiago Silva,” only it was much worse than a dumb game show. (And technically, it could still happen, for the right price.) But now nothing seems worse than that, so it’s time to take your chances on the  (insert audience shouting along here) Wheel.... Of... Misfortune!

Can you solve the puzzle? It's a lose-lose situation

Around and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows… We won’t know what we’ve won or lost until August 31st, but until then, let’s look at some of the rumors and hot topics of discussion if we were to spin this wheel today…

Renew Seedorf Allegri said right after the last match that those who have said they are leaving will leave. But Seedorf didn’t take that hint and still kept threatening to stay. So Galliani came out and said that Ibra would wear the number 10 jersey, still Seedorf made threats to stay. But hopefully he will get a lucrative offer from somewhere he likes and he will ride off into the sunset and let us enjoy the memories of his champion days in peace.

Lose Ibra I addressed the domino effect this move would have recently, and the same is true and perhaps even more so if we lost Thiago Silva, as he is not just some mercenary on borrowed time, but rather considered the future captain and heir to Maldini or Baresi. But I still say that losing Ibra this summer would have devastating effects not only this season but for our foreseeable future, too.

I see Acerbi has already met Ibra.

Buy Acerbi Nesta was not going to be literally replaceable, but one would hope that the club would at least try to find someone with his quality. Instead, they’ve set their sights on 24 year old Chievo Verona center back and known Milanista Francesco Acerbi. He might just work out, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with him when I saw him play, so it is unlikely he will provide a fraction of the security that Nesta provided, and will more likely tax Thiago Silva by having to cover two spots.

Keep Bonera But hey, anything is better than Bonera, right? He’s the guy I’d love to love, willing to play whatever position, works hard, has a great attitude, is a great team player. Now if only he could defend. I mean more than just a couple of games a year. Oh, and not conceding, would that be too much to ask? Yes, apparently it is. By keeping this level of player and giving him so many matches, it speaks volumes of the quality level Milan is aiming for. If they keep players like this as their go-to guys, they don’t just need a manager, they need a freaking magician.

Milan wants me? I better get in shape!

Buy Rigoni So Marco Rigoni is a central midfielder who finished his youth team years at Juve and transitioned to their first team. In four years with their first team, he made ONE appearance, having been loaned to Serie B teams two of those years. Serie B was his thing for pretty much his whole career, except when he played a season in Lega Pro (Serie C.) But he was promoted to Serie B and then Serie A along with this club, the highly successful Novara, now relegated once more to Serie B. So at 32, now he is suddenly worthy of a club like AC Milan. Or, more likely, he fits our budget.

There are so many other rumors, some of them great. Getting players like Witsel, Strootman, Astori, and others supposedly linked with the club sound perfect. But with nothing known specifically as to how much money Milan have for transfers this season, and the players themselves saying there is no money at the club, only sacrificing a player like Silva or taking the cash infusion from Fly Emirates will make that happen. And just like a game show, that requires luck.

Luck or faith? Maybe we could sign the pope.

Perhaps come August 31st, some miracle investor will have swooped in and we can make all of our transfer dreams come true, just like someone winning the lottery or something. But more than likely, we will just have to prepare ourselves for the Wheel of Misfortune. Remember, we are keeping Muntari and getting rid of Maxi Lopez and probably Aquilani. And our club is trying to tell us that keeping a player we already have is the "signing of the season." Re-gifting at its finest. It could be worse, we could be Inter. I will gladly test my luck at spinning the wheel over being an Inter fan. At least we made it to the show.

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This post inspired by the music of The La’s

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