Six Months in Hell

Exactly 6 months ago today, this tiny little blog went live. My co-blogger, Jovan, and I have since put up many posts about our beloved team. As obsessed Milan fans, this six months in Diavoli “hell” has actually been quite the opposite for us. For one, Milan won a Scudetto and a Supercoppa. (And yes, we are still celebrating!) 

Through wins and losses, the reason we are all here. Grazie ragazzi

Coincidentally, we are also celebrating our 50,000th view mark today. Which means that we either have a few devoted fans who suffer from OCD and sit at their computers 24/7 clicking their refresh buttons, or we’ve had the privilege of reaching a whole lot of Milan fans. (I like to think it’s the latter, OCD is not fun to live with.) Either way, thank you!

Our stats show that we have readers from all over the world, and while some may have stumbled upon us accidentally, many of you have been obsessed enough to keep coming back for more. Considering that we are blogging from opposite sides of the world, the global support you give us means a lot to both of us. 

Thank you, too for our guest post contributors, Michael and Avia, for helping to fuel our delusions (and especially to give our readers a break!) Thanks to our friends from the realm of Twitter for interacting with us and helping us spread the gospel of Milan via the almighty retweet. Also our dear friends who post links and otherwise have contributed to our growth, grazie!

We would like to thank all of you readers that have made this blog so fun and successful. We have no intentions of stopping here, we will continue to preview & review every Milan game we can get our hands on, and fill in the blanks with our views and opinions, background & history, humor & wit, and perhaps even the occasional made-up posts, too. Thank you for sharing in our obsession.

Jovan & Elaine

To help us celebrate our double-milestone day, we thought we’d share with you our top ten posts, as determined by your views.

Feel free to give feedback in the comments section. I can’t promise we’ll listen, because we’re stubborn like that, but maybe you’ll catch us on a good day. If there’s a particular post or type of post you’ve enjoyed, or something you’d like to see, let us know. No promises, but it might work out, who knows?

This post inspired by the music of  Echo & the Bunnymen

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