Champions League Group Stage • AC Milan-Paris Saint-Germain FC: Do We Have To?

When Milan traveled to Paris two weeks ago, there was some hope that the team could compete with the Ligue 1 financial powerhouse. But then again, Milan went into that match with a tiny amount of dignity. After losing to PSG 3-0 in Paris, Milan gave up a two goal lead to draw with Napoli away, then lost 1-0 to 17th place Udinese on Saturday at San Siro. I think it's safe to say that all dignity, if not all hope, is lost. And other than a handful of Milan Ultras with a stupid vendetta, I think most Milan fans are dreading this match. Do we really have to watch?

If we must watch, at least support our own goalkeeper.

I won't bother rehashing all of the freakish connections Milan have with PSG between the goalkeeping exes, as well as exes like Adli and Florenzi. Our away match with PSG marked the first time that Theo and Lucas Hernández ever had to face each other as opponents, despite playing for opposing teams a number of times before. Even if Pioli has manaaged some amazing comebacks in his four years with Milan, I am not even sure Milan have a fool's hope of winning this one, let alone making it out of the Group Stage anymore.

Unlike Milan, PSG have won their last two matches in their league since we met, with their most recent victory a 3-0 win over Montpelier on Friday. For that match, Luis Enrique lined up: Donnarumma; Hakimi, Marquinhos, Škriniar, Mukiele; Zaire-Emery, Ugarte; Dembelé, Lee Kang-In; Kolo Muani, and Mbappé. Luis Enrique will be missing Danilo, Keylor Navas, Marco Asensio, Sergio Rico, and Nuno Mendes to injury.

After never facing each other competitively, the two brothers must face off twice in a row.

Pioli, on the other hand, seems to have recovered Theo Hernández, Pulisic, and Chukwueze, but will still be missing Bennacer, Caldara, Sportiello, Kalulu, Pellegrino, and Kjaer to injury. Not to mention hope.  That seems to have gone completely missing after such poor results. While Loftus-Cheek is likely to return to the starting lineup after a substitute appearance on Saturday, it is still difficult to place much hope after that team performance, especially the overall mentality (or lack thereof.)

This match also marks the return to the San Siro for Donnarumma vs. Milan. For which members of the Curva Sud have focused on, with a social media post the other day saying there was "mail" for Donnarumma, showing a number of packages. It is rumored that they will wear shirts and possibly throw paper money at him, like Milan Club Poland infamously did during his contract negotiations, earning him the nickname "Dollarumma."

The bigger insult would be to give him no attention at all.

Whatever infantile welcome they have planned for him because they haven't forgiven him for how he left seems even more ridiculous considering the state of our team going into this match. Maignan also called for a warm welcome for the former Milan goalkeeper instead, giving him respect and kind words about his season this year. Certainly, the Curva Sud would do well to support Maignan and forget about Donnarumma. It would actually be more of an insult to ignore the ex-Milan goalkeeper, and really it is the very least they could do to support our own keeper.

Anything the Curva Sud do to distract from their own team will only create more of an embarrassment for the rest of us fans. Given the performances of late, fans do not need any more embarrassment. Or any more injuries. It would be enough just to survive this match with the least humiliation possible. If we are going to exit the Group Stage, let's make it as quick and painless as possible. It's bad enough we have to watch. Actually, do we have to?

This post inspired by the music of The Cranberries' "Wake Me When It's Over"

Our next Primavera match is 
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AC Milan Primavera vs. Paris Saint-Germain FC U19
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 • 14:00 CET (8am EST)
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Our next match is 
Champions League Group Stage
AC Milan vs. Paris Saint-Germain FC 
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 • 21:00 CET (3pm EST)
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